Saturday, April 22, 2017

REVIEW: Back of Beyond

Dina Martin and Nicholas Riley are total opposites. She's the good girl with the perfect grades and he's the bad boy with a reputation. Growing up together with close family ties, they have been at war as long as they can remember. When the unthinkable happens, neither of them wants it. Set in a small town at the turn of the millennium, this story is about family and friendship, the love of music and how sometimes who you don't want, is exactly who you need.

I really enjoyed this story. It's a sweet and complicated high school love story that had me falling in love with it. When I first started reading it, it was a bit difficult to get used to being told in the third person, because not many books are written this way, I just come across many of them and that in no way hindered my love for the story. Once I got used to the story, I absolutely fell in love with it. This story just flowed off its pages and I kept turning each page to find out more about the characters. The characters in the story were phenomenal and I made a real connection with them. Their lives felt so real. The story-line was awesome. I was able to have a clear picture in my mind of what the author was trying to share with me. This is a story that teens, ya, and adults can relate to and I highly recommend it.

REVIEW: In the Presence of Knowing by Valarie Savage Kinney

Keisha is pregnant and on the run from an abusive ex-boyfriend. Hiding out at Windy Springs Renaissance Festival, she discovers a world of magic. 

Stepping into new and unfamiliar territory, she finds herself among people different from any she’s met before. Though she feels she’ll never fit in, Keisha finds hope when she meets Rogan, who plays the troll. As friendship blossoms into romance, she soon discovers that Rogan, as well as others at Windy Springs, have abilities beyond the average individual – abilities that the child growing within her shares as well. When danger comes to Windy Springs, she’ll need the combined powers of Rogan and his friends to keep her and the baby safe. 

In the Presence of Knowing is the first book in the Secrets of Windy Springs series. Grab your copy today and find out what mysteries await within the magical forest at Windy Springs.

This is the first story that I have read by this author, but she is on my radar and I will be reading more by this author.

This story at first made me think that it was going to be just another story of abuse and I wasn't really connecting with the story, but I kept on reading because the stories can be deceiving. The more I kept reading the more the story just seemed to pull me in. I found that the book had some mystery and magic within its pages and the author did a fantastic job of keeping me interested and wanting to find out more. The characters were awesome and I did feel a connection with the main character, Keisha. The story-line, which was kind of slow at the beginning, was phenomenal and though I have a few questions, I found this book to be remarkable. I hope this author goes on with the story, because I am interested to know more about Keisha. I highly recommend this read.  

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The Canary Club

By Sherry D. Ficklin

Coming 10/16

From Crimson Tree Publishing

Don't miss the book that's sure to be the bee's knees!

"Bad Luck" Benny is more than just a fella from the wrong side of the tracks.Recently released from jail, he has vowed to keep his head down and stay out of trouble. But he also needs to care for his ailing sister and the rest of his struggling family, and he'll do anything to make that happen--even if it means taking a position with a notorious crime boss. He soon finds himself in over his head--and worse still--falling for the one dame on earth he should be staying away from.

Masie is the daughter of a wealthy gangster with the voice of an angel and gun smoke in her veins. Strong-willed but trapped in a life she never wanted, she dreams of flying free from the politics and manipulation of her father. A pawn in her family's fight for control of the city, and with a killer hot on her heels, she turns to the one person who just might be able to spring her from her gilded cage. But Masie is no angel, and her past mistakes may come back to burn them both. Two worlds collide in this dazzling story of star-crossed lovers in gritty prohibition-era New York.

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