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Welcome back to Black Words-White Pages. Today, I got to sit down with Author G.K. Curry and ask him a few questions. So without further adieu, let's dive right in....


Most of my favorite authors are indie or self-pubbed, what made you decide to go that route?  
Since my wife is a freelance editor and we both highly support the Indie Community, self-publishing was really the only choice for me.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
How hard everything outside of writing the actual book was. The blurb, the cover, choosing a cover designer, formatting, do I go KU or not, so many decisions to make and things to do.

Which of your characters are you most like? Least like?
Hawth, except I’m not a cop but he has all my nuances and traits. His partner Danny is my polar opposite being young, unmarried, no kids, fit, vegan, works out. Not my style.

Do you have a particular writing habit??
I have to watch something on TV to set the mood for the scene I need to write. Need to write a crime—watch CSI. Describing a supernatural creature—watch Supernatural.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?  
If I could choose anyone, it would be John Grisham. A Time to Kill and The Rainmaker are two of the very short list of books that have ever grabbed my attention and sucked me fully in.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
I refuse to answer this question because there are too many to list and I won’t play favorites.

What is the hardest part of your writing?
The small details. I tend to write big picture to get things done but then have to go back and add details or descriptions to build the whole picture.

Do you have any advice for other writers?
Never underestimate yourself

Describe yourself in three words.
 Logically organized chaos

I know characters are like children but if you could choose, who’s your favorite from your books?
My wife said I have to say Liz, who is modeled after her.

Any song or songs that could basically sum up the overall mood of your writing?
The original “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. Deep and creepy with an edgy vibe to it but not hard core metal.

Do you plot out your books or just freely write them and let the characters tell you what to do next?
Plot big points so I know how to get from point A to point B but let the characters do the filling in parts.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider the biggest influence in your writing?
If the screenwriters from CSI and Supernatural got together with Simon Pegg and had a baby, that baby would be my greatest influence.

What are your current projects? Can you share a little of your current work with us?
Currently working on a prequel short story to appear in an anthology this fall that covers Hawth’s last case in Chicago and why he decided to give up the big city for a small college town.

I am plotting out the next book in the series. I’m thinking a ghost story with a mix of Slenderman and random mythological character from obscure folklore. OR werewolves. Or jersey devil. I don’t know.

Thank you so much, G.K. Curry, for stopping by and letting us get to know you a little bit!! It was an honor to talk with you!!

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SALE BLITZ: Glamour of Midnight by Casey Bond

Glamour of Midnight
Author: Casey L. Bond
Genre: YA Epic Fantasy, Fairy Tale Retelling
Editor: Stacy Sanford/ The Girl with the Red Pen
Cover Designer: Melissa Stevens/ The Illustrated Author Design Services
Publication Date: April 5th, 2018
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Nineteen-year-old Karis has been blind since birth, but for some reason, she can see through the wall of smoke that separates the human lands from those of the Faeries that rule in grand courts on the other side. Most of the time, the only thing she can see on the other side of the wall is the swipe of a tail or the trailing of a bony hand along the surface. But one day, a handsome faerie appears and sweeps her away into his world—a world that is being ravaged by an evil so dark and deadly, she fears she may never see her home again. Loftin is a bounty hunter and he has been searching for Karis since she went missing from the Court of Ash. He needs to return her and collect the ransom. But the longer they travel together and the more he teaches her about what she is now able to see, the more difficult he finds the thought of letting her go. A fiery passion ignites between them, but with a monster tracking their every move, they must find a way to reach the Court of Ash before it kills them both.

Casey Bond lives in West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. She likes goats and yoga, but hasn't tried goat yoga because the family goat is so big he might break her back. Seriously, he's the size of a pony. Her favorite books are the ones that contain magical worlds and flawed characters she would want to hang out with. Most days of the week, she writes young adult fantasy and paranormal fiction, letting her imaginary friends spill onto the blank page.

Casey is the award-winning author Frenzy series and fairy tale retellings such as Riches to Rags, Savage Beauty, Unlocked and Brutal Curse. Learn more about her work at

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NEW RELEASE: The Temple Twins by Emily Shore



Our team at CTP is excited to share the official release of THE TEMPLE TWINS by Emily Shore, which released in all online retailers today, May 6, 2019. THE TEMPLE TWINS is the fourth novel in Emily Shore's UNCAGED SERIES. Readers can dive further into this captivating and dynamic Young Adult fiction series today! If you haven't had a chance to start this series, today's the day since the first book—THE AVIARY—is FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME. Also, as a reminder, a portion of the sales from the first 30-days of each of the UNCAGED SERIES releases will be donated to an organization that helps survivors of human trafficking.



The Temple twins must unite as sisters or risk losing everything—including their own hearts.



THE AVIARY by Emily Shore

“Gentlemen, we have a special treat for you today. Feast your eyes on this pure-blooded beauty!”

Serenity wakes to find she's been sold into The Aviary—an elite museum where girls are displayed as living art by day and cater to the lascivious whims of the highest bidder by night. In this elaborate and competitive world, girls go by names like Raven and Nightingale, and will stop at nothing to become top Bird. To escape would mean losing her parents, but to stay means losing herself.



A percentage of the first 30-days worth of sales for each novel in THE UNCAGED SERIES, will be donated to Women At Risk, International—a nonprofit organization, established to create circles of protection around those at risk. Through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects and partnerships, they provide safe places to heal from abuse, trafficking, exploitation, and more. Their passion is to empower survivors to live and work with dignity and hope. 

Author Bio:

Emily Shore is a MN author with a B.A. in Creative Writing from Metro State University and was a grand prize winner of #PitchtoPublication, which led her to working with professionals in the publishing industry. She is signed with Clean Teen Publishing for her anti-trafficking dystopian The Aviary, first in the Uncaged Series. For every sale, proceeds return to trafficking rescue and to Emily and her husband's international adoption fund.

Throughout the years, Emily has connected with rescue organizations and survivors of sex-trafficking and injects the truths she's learned into her books for youth. She loves motivational speaking on the issue of sex-trafficking and always hopes for more speaking events in schools, churches, and libraries. Please contact her on her website if you are interested in hearing her speak.

Emily lives in Saint Paul with her husband and two daughters. They are currently in the process of adopting a little girl from India.

MORE ABOUT EMILY SHORE: Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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