Monday, January 18, 2021

🔬🔬🔬 EXCERPT: Longevity Sequence Z by P Mattern 🔬🔬🔬

Welcome back to Black Words-White Pages!! This week we are sharing with you all a sneak peek into the book with an excerpt from Longevity Sequence Z by P Mattern. So let's check it out....

Longevity Sequence Z

by P Mattern

Published by CHBB Publishing

Cover Artist: CD Gorri



On one hand Rory was ecstatic, on the other hand he wondered  how far what could only be interpreted as this ‘age reversal process’  would go. Was there even a stopping point? Would she settle in at her “prime”, and have the physical health of an average 35 year old?

    Or would she at some point start aging again, sliding back toward her late sixties?

    It did not do any good to remind himself that it was too late now. To stop giving her the injections meant that he was condemning Miz Millie to the horrid disease that threatened to take not only what was left of her vitality but also her mind.

     Parkinson’s was a damn mean disease.

     He knew that he had to save her. Whatever happened, he refused to lose her. Even if the cocktail never won FDA approval, he would keep formulating it and injecting it as long as she needed it.

    He’d made a promise to himself a long time ago as a boy, when she’d been widowed, that he would always protect her.

     He was not about to break that promise now.

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