Saturday, June 1, 2013

Caleb by Kim McNiel Blog Tour

Caleb loves the ladies and can't keep his ego in his pants. With a new set of legs to wrap around him every two nights, he never thinks about what he'd do if Sarah caught him - until she does.
The repercussions are cataclysmic, giving him a second chance at life. Who is Caleb really? The ego or the man he professes to be? This playa plays to win.

Living a double life, Caleb is a hard-working and self-assured man, who doubles as an arrogant, cocky and womanizing prick. With his choices of women on a layaway plan, he’s never lonely.
Caleb believes he’s nailed the market on being the ultimate playa and never wonders what the consequences could be if Sarah, his live in, ever found out…until she does. When Sarah turns his life upside down, Caleb loses it and catastrophe follows not far behind.
When his world gets flipped right size up, he begins to realize the things that are really important to him. Although Caleb makes some ultimate sacrifices to save his pride, ego and relationship with Sarah, he still hides one very important secret.

Stopping at the florist on the way home, I pull in and pick up a dozen pink roses for Sarah. Yes, sucking ass big time. 
Hey, if it works…then I’ll be all good. When I’m good, everyone is good. God forbid I get red roses, she’d want to run off to the fucking chapel. That isn’t going to happen to me, not in this lifetime anyways. I stroll in the house.
“I’m home babe,” I yell out, dropping the folder on the table.
“Upstairs,” Sarah yells back. I know this tone.
Skipping two steps at a time, I follow the circular staircase. I dodge the hanging chandelier with my head. Something else she had to have, forgetting I am well over six fucking feet tall. 
“Hi darling, these are for you,” I hand her the flowers.
“Why? Because you slammed the phone down in my ear earlier?” 
And…here we go! She’s such a bitchacoholic.

Jenny's Review

10*s. I received an eARC copy of this book directly from the author in return for an honest review.

OMFG......Erotic, sexy, and a little twisted and it's a fabulous read that makes me want to read more from this author. What an awesome read this was!!! This story is very well written and extremely fast paced. I loved every minute of this book from beginning to end. I was intrigued, captivated, and so very much into this book. I enjoyed the ending the most with the twisted ending that I had not expected. This is a MUST read ADULTS only story that will tempt your taste buds and spice up your libido. This author is very talented in the Erotic genres, because she knows where to suspend us and keep us entertained!!! Thank you, Kim McNiel, for the opportunity to read your fabulous work!!!




  1. Thank you so much for sharing me with your readers Jenny. Great to be here today!