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Lost and Found Blog Tour

Black Words-White Pages proudly presents Lost and Found by Nicolette Grey!! Welcome Nicolette and thank you for having me as part of this awesome blog tour.


Life comes with its share of losses. In these four novelettes of erotic romance by Nicolette Grey it takes on different forms. “Moving Violations” deals with the loss of freedom and a special dream. “Lost Canyon” begins with the death of a beloved family member in a harsh and foreign environment. In “Time and a Half…Plus Benefits”, the heroine must learn to cope with her low sense of self-esteem after a failed relationship, and “Windswept Beach” portrays a crumbling marriage with the hurts and frustrations that accompany it.
     Although each story in this book is unique, they all share the same initial undercurrent of loss as well as the “founding” aspect that brings their heroines through their trials, intact and stronger - love.
     LOST & FOUND …the losses we endure with the happy endings we strive for, from Nicolette Grey and Hot Ink Press - because love should never be boring!
From “Moving Violations” (Book 1 in LOST AND FOUND)
      Bobby Lee stared out the window. He wouldn’t meet her eyes as their driver opened the door and pulled him to his feet. “All right now, folks, here’s what we’re going to do. Bobby Lee, I’m going to un-cuff you. Go to the front desk of the Sandpiper Motel across the street and ring the bell. When the girl comes, get us a room. And, Bobby Lee? Remember what I told you – as long as y’all do what I say, you’ll both be fine.”
     “Let me see your badge,” Georgia Rae insisted as cold fingers of panic gripped her gut. “You’re way out of line, here.”
     The cop removed his hat and ran a large hand through his hair.  Unbuttoning the shirt of his uniform, he removed it and draped it across the seat. Beneath the blue and gray, he was wearing a plain white t-shirt. “Do I need to remind you about Spindrift Drive?” he said in his slow southern drawl.
     Georgia Rae swallowed hard. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
     He chuckled and ran a finger across her cheek. “You and your boyfriend are thieves. I caught you red-handed, so I suggest you shut the hell up.”
     “Or what?” 
     “Jail. Breaking and Entering’s a Class H felony. Let’s see - that’s four to twenty-five years, I believe. Now, are you going to behave, or do I have to run you in?”
     Georgia Rae slumped in the seat staring at her bound hands. Her dreams of California evaporated before her eyes.

Jenny's Review:

10*s. I received an eARC copy of this book directly from the author in return for an honest review.

WOW....4 stories. Each one different and more intriguingly erotic then the one before it. I enjoyed every minute of each one that I read them extremely fast. This author knows how to write and keep her readers entertained. I was craving more from beginning to end. This is a MUST read adults only that will get your adrenaline running and your blood pumping. This author's writing is different from some erotic books. I felt like I was a part of the story and I was shocked by the twisted turn of events at the end of each short story. Thank you, Nicolette Grey, for this wild ride of intriguingly awesome reading!!!


Odin Andreassen is talented, intelligent and charming. He also has a dark side. Hidden in the bunkhouse behind his cabin, he keeps two pets for his private amusement. Unfortunately, his pets have a habit of dying.  That’s all right…there are always replacements available. He has, in fact, already chosen one. She’s someone he’s familiar with. He’s seen her picture, knows her likes and dislikes, and even has access to her most intimate secrets. Most importantly, he knows her name - it’s one that he approves of and can work with: Selene…the Goddess of the Moon. 
     Lena Walker is discouraged by life’s pitfalls. Her inability to conceive a child, disillusionment with her job and struggle to connect with her husband after his new-found fame, have left her wondering  exactly where she fits into the grand scheme of things. When she sees the listing for the rustic cabin on Blackwater Pond, she recognizes it for what it is - a distraction from the disappointments of her ordinary life and a chance to reconnect with her past. 
     What begins as an innocent summer project soon spirals into mystery and deceit. In short order, her best friend disappears and her husband becomes estranged. Alone and vulnerable, she finds herself drawn in by her exotic neighbor, a Norwegian artist with a penchant for nature and mythology.  Slowly, Lena allows herself to be seduced, only to fall head over heels in love. But who is the man who has stolen her heart…and, more importantly, what is his ultimate objective?

     The God retraced his steps. Entering the alley, he stopped at the Yukon to retrieve the cup of coffee before approaching the pharmacy’s rear entrance. The tingling in his fingers expanded, coursing down his arms in waves, making control difficult. He relaxed his features into practiced calm as he rapped against the door. There was no need to break into the building; he knew she was expecting him. A moment later, the knob twisted and the door swung silently inward. Without invitation, he stepped inside.
    “Hello, love,” he said, thrusting the cup of hot coffee toward her.
     She smiled up at him, a red halo of curls framing her pale face. Thin, with angular features and light blue eyes, she was a classic beauty, made all the more so, he thought, for her lack of the knowledge. 
     “Thanks for coming to pick me up,” she said, taking the cup. “My car should be ready on Monday. Wait here a minute and I’ll shut off the camera so you can come in. I just need a couple more minutes to close the register.”
     The God bent to kiss her cheek. “No worries, love. Take your time.” 
     He didn’t release her immediately, gratified when she lingered in his embrace. When she finally pulled away, she was blushing. 
    “The camera,” she said, tucking a stray curl behind her ear.
     “Of course,” he said, dropping his arms.
     She left him in the doorway and hurried across the room. A moment later, the security camera disabled, she returned. “Wait here,” she said, taking his hand and leading him into the body of the building. “I’ll be right back.”   
    Settling his lanky frame against the wall, The God watched her take a long sip of coffee before resuming her end of the night duties. Cup in hand, she moved behind the counter with deft efficiency, shutting down the computer and filing prescriptions into their appropriate folders. He admired that about her, her efficiency. It was something he’d enjoy relieving her of.

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Nicolette Grey

 Nicolette Grey began writing three years ago as a way to express her creativity. She has since segued from middle grade and literary fiction to her newest passion, erotic romance. Her two published shorts will soon be joined by another anthology selection ("Snow White" in FETISH FAIRY TALES, edited by Amanda Browning for Hot Ink Press) and two solo books (LOST AND FOUND, and THE GODDESS OF BLACKWATER POND).
When she’s not writing, she enjoys running and hiking with her husband and the family dog.

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