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The Ninth Taghairm: Redemption 
(The Taghairm Chronicles)
There are far worse fates than death, but that is a truth Gadin Wilde knows all too well. He had to come to terms with his immortality from a sire that relished in the kill. He had eventually grown to accept the fact he was one of the damned; a vampire, an irredeemable beast driven by blood and blood alone. That was until he met the very complicated and alluring Talula Delphina and was shown another way of existing. In a blink of an eye, his whole world changed.

Cursed with a fate worse than death, Talula is destined to watch the world die. Punished with the cruelest form of immortality, she knows all about the devastation of death and the agonizing pain of rebirth. For almost thirteen hundred years, she has relived its vicious cycle time and time again. For a crime of retribution, her soul bares the mark of immortality, but suffers it in a mortal shell. 

So when the dark and sensual, Gadin began hunting her, she welcomed the prospect of being his prey. After all, there are far worse ways to die. But nothing could have prepared her for the fire he lit within her. 

And as their passions grow more intense, powerful forces fight to keep them apart. Will their love be enough to overcome their fated paths? Or will the secret crime Talula committed centuries ago, be so damning that Gadin won't be able to forgive her?

"10*s. I received an eARC copy of this book directly from the author in return for an honest review. I have to start off by saying, being this is Pyxi Rose's debut story rocked my socks off!!! I am amazed by the way the words followed and how fast paced it was!!! I was intrigued and addicted to this story from beginning to end!!! The beginning was just so colorful and interesting and enjoyable to read!!! I felt like I was the characters in the book!!! This new author knows how to pull in her audience and keep us wanting more!!! This is a RECOMMENDED MUST READ story for any Paranormal Fans from YA to Adult!!!! Thank you, Pyxi Rose, for a phenomenal debut story that will is sure to do well and capture the hearts of many new fans!!!!"~Black Words-White Pages (Jenny Bynum)

 5 of 5 stars"What an amazing read! I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book, and I was completely unable to put it down. The author pulled me into a beautiful, Pagan world full of rich colors and tragic history. Her writing is lyrical and it flows well. 
Talula is an Oracle being punished for a crime she once committed. She is forced to live her life over and over again, ending in a painful death. This life is no different than any other...until Gadin. It is an attraction that won't be denied, and their relationship is full of an intense loyalty people spend their whole lives seeking, and some never find.

But then there are the secrets, the surprise twists and turns, and an ending that completes one story but hopefully begins another. 

The author's writing is haunting and beautiful. It is like a song on the radio you find yourself singing long after it has played. It is such a new idea, and very different than anything I have read in a while. The characters are very rich. The oracles and their personalities are well rounded. 

I was enthralled, and I look forward to future works by this writer!"~R.K. Ryals, Author

5 of 5 stars  "Favorite Line (s) I didn't think anymore. I attacked my goddess with the fiery rage on a thousand buried crimes she has committed against my blood.

I find myself in awe over this amazing story. One filled with heartache, vengeance, betrayal, love, and forgiveness. It's remarkable how complex this story is. Once again the lust for POWER destroys so many innocent lives!

Talula is a Taghairim or Oracle who is a damned soul, made to live and die just to come right back again. Each life a new punishment. It's so heart breaking to know what she has gone through. Then in her winter forest by her home she meets a vampire named Gadin. They are an unlikely pair but, come together none the less. It's was beautiful to watch two "damned" come together and fall in love. 
Frige a deity of the pagean has condemned Talula, she is the only one who can end Taula's curse. 
You must read this book and find out what happens. You will not be disappointed! The stry flows so smoothly and the characters really are amazing, thoughtful, and well just awesome.

I was given this book by author for an honest review


 5 of 5 stars "I received a copy from the author for an honest review.

New author alert here and one you will find yourself hooked to and following for years to come. This story is her first release and very captivating.

Talula feels she is a damned soul. She traded her soul many, many years ago for the life of another only to die and come back to the memory of what she has given of herself. When you’ve lived as long as she has, what is there to look forward to knowing it’s always going to come back full circle to the way it was before? But things change when she spots someone watching her one day and speaks to him.

Gadin is a vampire that has been the way he is for 60 years. The scent of a woman is too tempting to just move along and find his next meal. She’s intoxicating to him. But when she speaks to him, he can’t help himself but to come closer and see why he feels the need to be close to her.
Could Gadin be her savior to help her see that she can love and live? What if everything you ever believed was a lie? Will revenge save those you care about or pull you into an endless spiral of hate?
Very impressive is this story by Ms. Rose. The book has a glossary in it and those always impress me as it explains words I would have never known what the true meaning of. It allows easy access for the readers to understand better."~Jacquie Talento

5 of 5 stars
 "I received a copy of this book for an honest review - this is a story of an oracle who has lived for 1300 yrs who is damned to living a cursed life for a crime that she committed against someone who hurt her daughter - she eventually meets Gadin who is a vampire and falls in love with him. This is definitely a must read book to find out how there lives intertwine. This new author has a way of writing that just engrosses you in the story making you want to continue to read until you have finished the whole book. Can't wait to read her next book."~Belinda Gallant



Pyxi Rose is a single mom, writer, and lover of all things literary. She lives in the PA Mountains but her heart and soul will always be in North Carolina. She also enjoys reviewing books for other indie authors in her spare time. When she is not doing that, she is chasing after her wonderfully weird little boy, Wander Stone. Her debut novel, Redemption, will be the first book of nine in a darker paranormal series about Scottish Oracles. You can find more about her work on her blog at

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