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Soul Mates by Elizabeth A Lance

Soul Mates: Scent
When the girl of his dreams walks into his homeroom class one October morning, Max Fergus, a seventeen year old quarterback and star student, has his world turned upside down; everything he has ever thought about himself and his life is changed in that instant and nothing will ever be the same again, because once you know you aren’t human, there’s no going back, no pretending you are less than you are. 
Anna Lissa Felidae, a pure blooded shifter has been searching for her soul mate, the one guy that was meant for her, and just when she is sure she is about to run out of time, Diana, goddess of the hunt, appears to her and sends her in the right direction. With another shifter on her trail, one who is determined to have her no matter what the cost, Anna has just three short weeks to convince Max he is a pure blooded shifter, among other things, and teach him to fight so they can be together. With the help of a few Fae friends, a motley crew of shifters and Max’s best friend Tony, they are sure to win.

Black Words-White Pages Review

10*s. I received an eARC copy of this book directly from the author in return for an honest review. This was a fabulously fun, for me, and breathtakingly entertaining. I was hooked from the first sentence and I enjoyed every bit of romance, surprises, and action in this story that I read the whole thing in one night. It's an awesome new twist on shapeshifters and it is extremely captivating. This is a MUST read for Teen/YA but adults will love it too of any genre!! Thank you, Elizabeth for the opportunity to read and review of this wondrous book!!

Soul Mates: Bewitched

School is out for Tony Gunari, and now it’s time to grow up, to be what he was meant to be, a Sióga Feiceann. For those in the know, that would be a Fae assassin. After years of hiding what he truly was from his nearest and dearest friends, Tony has decided to discover the whole secret of his legacy and what really happened to his father. And while he’s at it, kick a little Dark Fae butt. 
Tony travels to New York, only to discover his family’s secret is even bigger than he could have imagined. The Fae War is in full swing and there is a red-headed she-devil fighting the dark creatures too. Tony is instantly intrigued by the fireball throwing, Irish witch with a sassy attitude. Never in his life could he have imagined such an enticing girl as Jillian O’Neal. Protecting her becomes his number one priority.

Jillian O’Neal is a Sorceress...her tough, sassy attitude sometimes gets her into trouble, but she could never have imagined the trouble meeting someone like Tony Gunari-- a real Sióga Feiceann, was going to cause her. And if rumor had it right, he was something even more important to the world than anyone knew. Her duty, according to her mother, was to protect Tony Gunari at all costs. A difficult task at best, since Tony insists on being involved in everything, and is soon made even more difficult when Jillian realizes she’s fallen for him.
Join Tony, Jillian and Max, together with a band of Guardians, a motley crew of Fae warriors and shifters, as they set off to save the world from the Queen of Air and Darkness and her pursuit of the Chalice of Light. With a bit of Irish luck they may just have a chance to save the world and fall in love…

Black Words-White Pages Review

10+*s. I received an eARC copy of this book directly from the author in return for an honest review. This author has WOWED me again by her fabulous writing and I am absolutely in love with the main characters, Tony and Jillian and their adventure and unique and yet compatible personalities!!! When Tony meets and falls for Jillian on the spot, so do I. This is an awesome story of love, friendship, family, and enemies with a Paranormal twist that will knock your socks off and make you want more. I finished this book in one setting because it was very hard to put down. This is a RECOMMENDED MUST READ for all ages and genres to be hooked to and love!!!! Thank you, Elizabeth A. Lance, for another incredible story to Soul Mates!!! I am really anxious to start book three and read about the next couple!!!

Soul Mates: Magic
Abbey Fergus has grown up knowing she wasn’t human, that she was Fae. The little sister of the Prince of Light and Illusion and ruler of the Felidae Clan, Abbey has spent her life living between two worlds. This has never been a problem for Abbey, she enjoys both worlds, but it hasn’t ever been easy. She’s been protected from all things Dark all of her life. As a little girl, the humans thought she was the weird girl who talked to ‘ghosts’ in a strange language and were constantly testing her for autism. All because her Fae guards who were under glamour, taught her to read and do math long before the rest of the children. As a teen she was still the weird girl, very smart and a bit on the shy side, but because she was a friend of Daire’s (the Fae warrior disguised as a hot football player), the humans left her alone. 
Now Abbey’s eighteenth birthday is approaching fast and her nice safe world has turned to chaos. She soon finds that Daire and the other Fae have been keeping a very big secret. The war between Light and Dark is still going on in full-force and The Queen of Air and Darkness is after her. So Abbey has some tough choices to make, like who to date, how to stop the Queen and what kind of leader she wants to be, because the deadline on her choices ends with the Winter Solstice…


Black Words-White Pages Review

10*s. I received an eARC Beta copy of this book directly from the author in return for an honest review. WOW, what a story this is. This author knows how to capture her audience heart and soul when adding words to paper and making her world so real and the lovable characters in each one of these stories. I have fallen in love with each character in this story. So full of romance, love, loss, and deep down in my soul I feel right there in the story with these characters. Their lives and feelings for each other is so breathtakingly beautiful!!! This is a RECOMMENDED MUST READ for anyone who believes, as I do, in finding your true soul mate, no matter color, race, or occupation you may have, even in the Paranormal world!!! Thank you, Elizabeth A Lance, for another heart wrenching, soul sucking, and mind blowing story!!! 


Q&A with Author Elizabeth A Lance

Hi Jenny! Thanks so much for having me on your blog! <3 You are so very welcome Elizabeth!

1.When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?
I have always loved to write, and I always dreamed that one day I would be published, not that I ever thought I would be, just that I dreamed about it. Until I had a really bad health scare and then I decided I wanted to make that dream a reality, and I have! I have the best publisher and publishing family in the world and I feel extremely blessed to be a part of them.

2. What inspires you to write?
I don’t know if it’s inspiration, but I have an intense need to write. My stories are character driven, because they get into my head and I can’t stop writing until they’ve told me their story.   Now if you want to know what kind of things inspire me while I’m writing, that would be music, and nature, funny things other writers. :D

3. What is your favorite genre when reading?  
I don’t really have a favorite genre, exactly. I read a lot of different kinds of books. Right now I’m really into Steampunk, so loving the whole genre! And I’m a sucker for a romance.
4. What inspires you to come up with your characters? 
I’m not really sure actually. They usually just appear in my head, LOL  Probably brought on by too much caffeine and chocolate  and a glimpse of some random person in the mall :P

5. How many books do you have published? 
Oh goodness! I currently have 3 books in the Agents for the Crown Series, 2 books in the Soul Mates Series, with a third due out on July 13th called Soul Mates Magic, a paranormal-contemporary short story called Kismet, 2 Holiday Regency Short stories, and 1 Goddess of Love Novella, so that would be 10 books so far, oh wow, didn’t realize I had so many! LOL

6. Do you have more books in the works and if so, could you tell us about them?  
I do! As I mentioned, book 3 of Soul Mates is coming out on July 13th, but I plan at least 5 more Soul Mates books, possibly more, just depends. The next one I know will be called Soul Mates Hunger, but I’m not telling any more than that right now  In the Agents for the Crown Series, I’m working on the 4th book, which will be called Tangled and is Joanna and Jonathon’s story. I have 2 more Regency Holiday books coming for Halloween and then Christmas, and after all of that is done, I plan another Goddess of Love Novella. I’m a busy girl!

7. What advice do you have for us?
If you love to read, join a street team, you’ll get a lot of inside information, see sneak peeks of upcoming books and win a lot of prizes! If you’re a writer trying to make it in the publishing world, shop around. Make sure you look into the company before you sign with them, check out their books on Amazon, read a few and see what they’re like. Also, don’t just read, study how the book is written, because just telling the story isn’t enough, it should be well written. I’m not talking a missed comma or a misspelled word, I mean is the story fluid? Did you follow it easily? Find an author that you admire and write some short pieces with them in mind just for practice. And last, but not least, don’t take bad reviews personally. Your work isn’t going to appeal to everyone and one or two bad reviews are going to happen, it goes with the territory, so grow a thick skin. 

8. Is there a special place you like to write, and if so, can you tell us? 
Not really, I write where I can when I can, but my favorite place is curled up on my bed with my laptop 

9. What type of music do you like? 
I’m very eclectic, I like all kinds of music, so while I’m writing you will find anything from classical to country to new wave, to rap, to eighties to new age! 

10. Please give us your top five favorite authors?
Only 5??!! Gosh, that is hard! Okay, let’s see. Catherine Stovall, Janet Evonavich, Laurell K. Hamilton, Rue Volley, and…Gail Carringer…there are a million more that I love, but right now they are my top 5  (And if you haven’t read Catherine’s Faire Eve, you’re missing out, it’s so awesome, but I also love her book Stolen, which is a Vampire book  )

Silly Q & A
1. What does the color pink remind you of? 
Bubble Gum and Pepto  :P

2. If I was to look in your refrigerator, what would I find? 
Oh, let’s see, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, eggs, lots of cheese, turkey, hot dogs, about 6 different salad dressings, and Hershey’s chocolate so I can make s’mores. 

3. What is your favorite color? 
Green  Can’t you tell? LOL

4. Favorite comfort food? 
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough LOL

5. Favorite candy? 
I love chocolate, my favorite is Lindor chocolate 

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