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Author Spotlight: L.K. Manegold

Meet L.K. Manegold. She is a brand new author for Crushing Heart & Black Butterfly Publishing

Just recently, I sat down and interviewed Ms. Manegold so I could get to know her and be able to share her with you.
Author Q&A
ME: Most of my favorite authors are indie or self-pubbed, what made me you decide to go that route?
L.K.: After trying to find a publisher that was right for my work, I decided upon an indie press as there were a lot of others who specialized in the dark fantasy types, which is what my work primarily consists of. It seems like a tough area to get into and the mainstream publishers seem like they have a set genre they prefer and it’s harder to get into.

ME: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
L.K.: Nothing ever goes the way you plan it. Just when you think you know how the characters are going, they turn out completely different and end up doing the opposite of what you intended.

ME: Which of your characters are you most like? Least like?
L.K.: As of right now, the leading characters in my book are Ezra, Brenner, and Gemma. I would say that I am most like Gemma in the beginning as she is the shy, timid type but as she grows she becomes more outgoing and voices her opinion. The one that I am least like would be Brenner; he’s always getting into some kind of trouble and just when he thinks he has his act together, something else always moves in on him.

ME: Do you have a particular writing habit?
L.K.: The one thing that I try to make a habit of is writing out a scene as it comes to me or else I will completely forget!

ME: If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
L.K.: I have read a lot of Stephen King’s work and I’ve not read Clive Barker’s work, but I’ve seen his films and wow! I find him to be beyond amazing and he has inspired me a lot. Outside of these two, I do not really have an in-person kind of mentor.

ME: Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
L.K.: I have seen a few that have caught my interest and I hope to experience their work in the future. I have seen some work of Rue Volley, which the art alone is wow! And I have read some excerpts of JacquelynnGagne’s Blood Rose; she has a lot of talent, and I am looking forward to more from Tasha Gwartney.

ME: What is the hardest part of your writing?
L.K.: The hardest part is basically just trying to get the time. I have three young children who keep me busy on top of a full time job. Most of my writing usually gets pushed to the side til the late hours of the night or the weekends.

ME: Do you have any advice for other writers?
L.K.: Yeah, whenever those ideas come to you, no matter how small, write them down. It may take time but those ideas and thoughts may eventually lead into something bigger.

ME: Describe yourself in three words.
L.K.: Calm, collective, and awesome =)

ME: I know characters are like children but if you could chose, who’s your favorite from your books? Of all time?
L.K.: Well, seeing as this is my first book, I would say that my favorite character to start off with was Brenner. He has such depth to him and expressing various emotions through him is a challenge. He would be the troubled child.

ME: Any song or songs that could basically sum up the overall mood of your writing?
L.K.: There are tons! As of right now Def Leppard’s Hysteria has been blasting through my mind. Pink’s Try was the first that got everything started, along with Drowning Pool and even old school Creed.

ME: Do you plot out your books or just freely write them and let the characters tell you what to do next?
L.K.: I never plot out my books. I find that I have to let the characters come to me when something new happens with them. It seems more real if I let them come to me. Trying to force it out only causes unnecessary details and things that just seem…blah

ME: If you had to choose, which writer would you consider the biggest influence in your writing?
L.K.: Stephen King and Clive Barker. King has characters that are near real, every day types that face some of the most horrible and strange situations whether as children or adults. Clive Barker’s work, mostly his films, have inspired my dark side. Night Breed is something that helped inspire my book Dark Territory, that and some writings from high school that I had tucked away. Combining it all helped create a wonderful project, or at least I like to think so.

ME: What are your current projects? Can you share a little of your current work with us?
L.K.: Dark Territory is the name and other realms is the game. The only way I can really describe it (and this will sound funny I’m sure!) is that this first book is an introduction to characters and places; the characters and the way they are is sort of like a paranormal and demented version of The Avengers…with some dirty activities along the way. Below is a passage of my work for your enjoyment:

Brenner sat quietly. This would be something that he would later forget but it was something that would save Gemma now.
“Through the looking glass,” He thought of the Alice in Wonderland tale and the different things she had seen.
“The what? I don’t understand…”
“It means reflections, mirrors, anything that you can see yourself and then some. Most humans will look and only see their reflection but people like you and me we see the other worlds.”
“But I’ve looked into mirrors several times and never once did I see anything else other than myself,” Gemma said. Brenner smiled. He knew she wouldn’t see past herself because that is how she was raised. The inner realms tend to go unnoticed by humans or those who have been raised as human.
“Try looking again…” Brenner took Gemma by the hand and led her to a spare bedroom down the hall. He flipped on the light and closed the door behind them. There was a full length mirror on the back of the door. He moved Gemma in front of it.
“I only see myself,” She said. Brenner held her head in his hands.
“Look again but past yourself and you will see.”
Gemma focused on the mirror and tuned out everything around her, even Brenner. She did as she was told and looked past herself. What she saw amazed and terrified her all at once. There was slight images of people walking along the streets, cars, trucks, everything. The only difference with her current world and the one she was viewing was the color; everything seemed more vivid and alive and it also provided a sense of fear.
She watched as a storm rolled in and the people on the street rushed to get inside and out of the wind and rain. It was no ordinary storm though; there was something evil behind it. There was something evil that roamed those streets. The rain was so clear and close that Gemma thought she could almost touch it. She did not realize that she was now close enough to the mirror that her nose could touch it. She raised one hand and was about to place it on the smooth surface, or through it, before Brenner grabbed her.
“Jesus!” She screamed. Brenner had startled her from whatever trance she had been in.
“Don’t do that. You must never touch it, unless you intend to visit.”
“That’s the way in?” Gemma asked, knowing the answer. Brenner nodded. “Have you ever been back?”
“I have a few times. I would sometimes go and satisfy my murderous urges through the use of others in the inner realm. No one cares or misses anyone really; they just go about their lives or what’s left of them. They are easy to pick off but you must also never trust anyone. They are quick to befriend but will roll you over in a heartbeat if the price is right.”
*There were so many passages to share that I really enjoyed writing! Some darker than others.

ME: Thank you so much, L.K. for sitting down and talking with me and allowing me to get to know you a little bit better!!


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