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Cindy J. Smith

Hello everybody!! Please help me welcome to the blog today Cindy J. Smith!!! Thank you for stopping by today Cindy and chatting with me!!

Voices in My Head

A collection of poems written throughout my life. Topics include, nature, fantasy, Love, loss, and sarcasm. Some were written for specific people, others just observations.


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10+*s. WOW...I fell in love with these awesome poem of loss, love, tragedy, and hope, but my favorite and the one that sticks out of head the most is 'Happy Birthday, Dave'. Though my name is not Dave, I actually felt that this poem was for me because its what I felt when I turned 35 last year. Each one of these beautifully written poems hit my heart and life in so many ways. Some made me smile while others brought tears to my eyes. The truth and honesty in these poems are remarkable and how the author reaches everyone. There is a poem that will combined with everyone's life in the past or the present. This is a RECOMMENDED MUST READ for all ages to enjoy and connect with on a personal level and make you want to read over and over again!! A truly memorable book of poems that I will cherish and re-read. Thank you, Cindy J. Smith, for this Jenny Bynum award winning book of poems!!!

They Won't Shut Up

Voices in my Head
Talk all of the time
To music I feel
They add rhythm and rhyme

Emotions take flight
Grief, despair and love
Heart seeks to find hope
On wings of a dove

Their view of this world
Both nature and man
New angle embellished
To help understand

Walk for a minute
In other guys shoes
See why they might feel
So lost and confused

Dreams, flights of fancy,
Sarcasm and light pun
Work through frustrations
To friendship and fun

Open myself wide
Feel pure empathy
See how this world could
With love, truly be

Listen with your soul
To songs that I share
May see way to change
This world if you dare

10+*s. I was extremely hooked to this book of poems. This author is able to bring her poetry to an audience that is able to sit and relate their lives with the poems of this book be it from the past or the present. I love how these poems stop and make you think of life in general and emotion that is hidden in each story. Some put a smile on my face as another brought a tear to my eyes. I just love loved how the depth of each poem brought out and different emotion and made me think for a minute about the story and about how much truth and life's decisions are in each poem. This is a RECOMMENDED MUST READ to entice you and capture your heart and soul and entrance you from beginning to end. I was so enchanted by the author's use of words, that I was compelled to keep reading and not stop until I was finished. Thank you, Cindy J. Smith, for the heart capturing and sharing your world with us!!!

Do you have any advice for other writers?   
I write poetry, so my advice to other writers is from a reader's point of view. Please double and triple check your book for editing issues. Nothing annoys a reader more than having to try and 
translate what your sentences mean. No matter how interesting your story-line, if I must keep 
deciphering what you are saying, I won't finish the book. I probably won't read anything else 
you write either.

I know characters are like children but if you could chose, who’s your favorite from 
your books? Of all time?  
I have no characters in my books so I will answer the second question. My favorite character of all time is Frodo from The Lord of the Rings. His concern for the well-being of others 
outweighed his natural instincts for self-preservation. It was amazing that he could have 
compassion for Gollum despite the knowledge that Gollum would kill him if he could. Strength 
of character is important.

Any song or songs that could basically sum up the overall mood of your writing? 
Most of my favorite authors are indie or self-pubbed, what made me you decide to go that rout?An old song, See by the Rascals, would probably sum up the poems.The best line from that 
song is "Love is really everywhere, to see it is to fly."I believe in people and I believe we can 
make this world a better place. I chose the route I did for publishing for the wrong reason. 
Being a published poet was never my idea. I was encouraged by my daughter before she 
passed and then my friends on Facebook kept pushing me to do it. Rather than have a publisher reject my work, I just Googled and picked a print-on-demand company. It was not the 
smartest thing I have ever done. I am so proud and honored that Crushing Hearts and Black 
Butterfly Publishing chose to release my second book. I was given their name by another Facebook friend, Jacquie Talento and I am so grateful to her.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books? 
I was surprised to learn that writing my poems was the easiest part of creating a book. There 
is so much to publishing and marketing that has me going crazy.

Do you have a particular writing habit? 
I write my poems when my mind tells me to write.They usually come to me fully developed.  
I just write them down, or tell them to my voice recorder.There is a little editing I do to them but mostly they stay in the original form.
Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? 
Oh yes, I am truly loving the new authors I have been reading. There are so many and I am sure Iwill miss a few: Erika Szabo, Virginia Nelson, Pyxi Rose, Roy Murry to name a few.
What is the hardest part of your writing?  
Figuring out titles for the poems. Sometimes I know the perfect title, then I 
realize I have already used it.  
If you had to choose, which writer would you consider the biggest influence in your 
Dr. Seuss, he helped me see how to use rhyme to guide peoples thinking. He used funny 
creatures to show us how dumb some of the things we do and beliefs we hold are. From the 
story about the Grinch to the one about the Lorax, he shows us what is wrong with the world, if 
we choose to see.

What are your current projects? Can you share a little of your current work with us?  
I am releasing my second book, They Won't Shut Up on July 13. Of course, I am 
still writing poems, so I guess a book three may happen.  This is one of my 
favorite poems in the second book.


Roses glistened
In  morning sun
I went looking
For the right one

Clippers in hand
Crystal bud vase
Needs a flower
To fill the space

Fragrance  gentle
Right size and shape
From my quick hands
There's no escape

Color, beauty
To bring inside
Gift of pure love
No one can hide

Open slowly
Secrets sharing
Tenderly spread
Hope and caring

Smiles easy
Soft pleasure creeps
Into my dreams
Aroma seeps

When fully bloomed
Wonderful show
Love evident
In gentle glow

Petals fall off
Pile one by one
'til the rose's 
Life is all done

Thorn pricks finger
Soon trickles red
Returns color
Now cold and dead

My mind calls forth
Recent memory
Smell and color
Beauty is free 

I see friendship
As a cut rose
Coloring life
As blossom grows

Woe and gladness 
Are equally shared
World is brighter
When people care

Both life and time
March on and on
Friendships will fade
Then they are gone

As with the rose
Brought back from past
Scent of rose whiffed
While life goes past

I smile anew 
With eyes shut tight
Mem'ry recalls
Our love so bright

Any friendship--
The short and long
Enrich our lives
Make spirits strong

Cindy Smith was raised in upstate New York. She has worked a variety of jobs during her life--waitress, store associate, certified electronic technician. She is currently employed as an over-the-road truck driver. Cindy has lived is many states from Maine to Florida. She now resides in Indiana. Through all her experiences, she had voices in her head dictating poems. The voices would not relent until Cindy wrote the poems down. She invites you to eavesdrop.

Make sure to join the release party happening on Saturday July 13, 2013

Book Release: They Won't Shut Up by Cindy J. Smith

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