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Indie BookFest I-pad Mini blog hop

Indie BookFest 2013 is all day long event (starting at 8:00 AM and ending at 5:00 PM) celebrating Indie Authors and Artists and their freedom of expression. Join some of your favorite Indie Authors for a day filled with book signings, sessions, and lots of good food and great fun! You won't want to miss the sessions throughout the day, where several panelists will be speaking on a variety of topics relevant to writing, publishing, promoting your books, and all things indie.

Indie BookFest 2013 will be held at the Buena Vista Palace in Buena Vista, FL, on August 3rd, 2013 ... just minutes from all the Disney and Universal parks! Everyone attending Indie BookFest 2013 will have access to special room rates while staying at the Buena Vista Palace. Turn this one day event into a fun little getaway and indulge in the sunshine and parks while you are visiting the Orlando area.

Register for Indie BookFest 2013
Sessions, refreshments, morning gourmet coffee bar, lunch, & much more? = $20
Fun hanging out with a great group of your favorite Indie Authors? = PRICELESS!
Eventbrite - Indie BookFest 2013

Not only is Indie BookFest going to be a day filled with a lot of fun and fabulousness, but it will also be a time to come together and help a local organization, A Gift For Teaching. We will be raffling off an AMAZING prize to one lucky winner, so be sure to come prepared to purchase a few tickets, rub a lucky 8 ball, and by doing so, help out local teachers and children in the process!
** Be sure to bring in some school supplies to be entered to win another wonderful prize ... everyone who donates will receive some special Indie BookFest swag!** 
Learn more about the 2013 charity Indie BookFest will be featuring HERE. We hope to see you all on August 3rd in Orlando, it is sure to be a great time!
Indie Bookfest is proud to announce that along with our stellar line up of over 45 indie authors such as: Shelly Crane, Kristie Cook, Tabatha Vargo, Amy Miles, Michelle Madow, Shanora Q. Williams, Quinn Loftis, C.A. Kunz, Tiffany King, G.P. Ching, Rachael Wade, Tawdra Kandle, Sarah Ross, and MANY OTHERS, that Isaac Marion (Author of Warm Bodies) will be a special speaker at the event! 
Eventbrite - Indie BookFest 2013

Be sure to stop by the blog and show your Indie pride and love of books by picking up one of these AWESOME tees! All proceeds go to finance the event! 
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1. Do you have a writing ritual?
I always have to have music on when I'm writing. I can't
STAND silence (it freaks me out), so I always have loud 
music going. I write a lot at a local cafe, so I have to make 
sure I havemy caffeinated beverage of choice, some 
water and am sitting at my favorite table.
2. What do your order at your favorite coffee shop?

My favorite thing to get is the Dirty Vanilla Chai. 
It's a vanilla chai with an espresso shot. That really gets 
the writing juices flowing :)
3. What is the story behind your title and cover?

The title, Deeper We Fall, wasn't the original title. I knew 
I wanted to use the word "deeper" somehow. So I looked 
around at other book titles and then I found a line of poetry 
on google and that was it. Plus, no one else had it. The cover 
was done by Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations. I told her I 
wanted to have the hands reaching out, and she helped me choose the image, but the rest was 
all her. When I saw it the first time, I was completely in love.
4. What are the last five books you’ve read?
No Attachments by Tiffany King, Catching Liam by Sophia Bleu, On The Island by Tracy 
Garvis-Graves, Point of Retreat and Slammed by Colleen Hoover. I'm on a contemporary 
kick lately.
5. What is one thing about you that your fans don’t know?
I'm crazy short. Only five feet tall. Someone once said that she pictured me as tall and willowy 
and it was one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me.

1.  Where did you come up with the idea for your books?
I had previously thought of the idea back in 2007, but never tried to 
sit down and write. Probably because I didn’t think I could. It came 
back to me in 2009 after I finished a series that left me feeling 
empty when complete. I didn’t want to read anything else for awhile 
and for some reason, the idea popped back up and I figured I would
write some of it down. At that point in time I had no idea that it 
would shape into a novel, thusly changing my goals in life.
2.  What character was your favorite to write?  Why?
I’d have to be partial and go with Aurora-the main character. 
She’s feisty, courageous, hard-headed, kind…everything I’d want 
to read in a heroine. Her journey to self-discovery and control 
is one that I find encouraging.
3.  If you had one super power what would it be?
I would have to choose the ability to fly. It would make getting places a lot easier!
4.  What would be your advice to yourself before you published your book?
I would tell myself to set up my author platform first. It's better to branch out to your peers 
and learn about them and how everything works before you dive in under your head.
5.  What’s your go-to songs to get the creative juices flowing?
I have more go-to artists than just a particular song. Thirty Seconds to Mars always 
gets me pumped and ready to write. I also enjoy M83 and most any indie alternative artist. 
It helps me zone out and think.

Heather Allen
1.  What character was your favorite to write?
I have found that I love writing from the male point of
view. Crazy? Yes! I loved writing from James’ 
perspective in the second book – Barely Breathing.  
But in the final book- forever Breathing Ever and 
Jack are my favorite characters. I think each book 
has been a journey in itself.
2.  If you had one super power what would it 
be? If I could have one superpower it would be to 
travel through time. This is the most dangerous one 
right? Alter events and change time…I choose this 
one though because I have no patience. I want to 
know things as soon as I can. Waiting in 
anticipation is good but knowing facts to make 
the best decisions is better!
3.  What author has inspired you the most on 
your journey?
I am an avid reader. I will just about read anything, 
romance, horror, mystery, YA, NA… But I accidentally stumbled upon the Indie world because 
of one author. I wrote Just Breathe over the course of a year but didn’t know what I would do 
once it was finished. While trying to go the traditional route, I picked up a book by Abbi Glines 
and devoured it. I found later that she was self-published and it just felt right for me.
4.  Do you have a book trailer?  Link
Just Breathe – the first book in the Trilogy - Book Trailer

5.  What’s your go-to songs to get the creative juices flowing?
Each book is inspired by different songs and artists. I absolutely love alternative music but 
some books warrant other music. I just go with whatever inspires me for each book. As I write- if 
an inspiring song comes on, I save it and add it to the playlist. A little teaser – my next book 
which will be a NA is inspired by Blink 182.

1.Where did you come up with the idea for your books?
Everywhere. Photos, past experiences, people at restaurants…
2. What is one thing about you that your fans don’t know?
I speak Japanese :)
3. Would you prefer going to the park for a relaxing picnic 
or are you an amusement park roller coaster person?
Roller coaster hands down.
4. What do your order at your favorite coffee shop?
4 shot soy cinnamon dolce latte
5. I get in your car with you to go to the bookstore - should 
I buckle up and say a few Hail Mary’s or will I tap my foot 
in boredom.
It depends on what book I am going to buy. ;)


1.  What is one thing about you that your fans 
don’t know?
I really don't like feet. I think they're disgusting! If you 
really want to gross me out, just put a dirty foot near 
me. Yuk!
2.  If you had one super power what would it be?
I would love the ability to stop time. Not to reverse it, 
like a time-turner because I think that could be too 
dangerously tempting. But to just stop time for a 
bit—let everyone else relax under my personal 
‘pause’ button—so that I can add more hours to my 
day to write and do my mundane responsibilities. 
Then I’d just hit my ‘play’ button and be able to hang 
out and have fun!
3.  Would you prefer going to the park for a relaxing picnic or are you an amusement 
park rollercoaster person?
Can I do both? Seriously, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky and love amusement parks, 
motorcycles, and even hope to get my pilot’s license one day. But with that being said I also 
love taking a step back and just sitting still and watching people—especially in places like a 
park or beach. It’s times like that where I come up with some of my favorite ideas for scenes 
and characters. Besides, picnic food is awesome!
4.  Do you have a book trailer?  Yes, and I love to share it!

5.  What has been your favorite ‘fan’ moment?
This April my publisher and I went to London for the London Book Fair. We were able to get a 
signing at alocal indie bookstore called Treadwell’s.  That day I had the chance to meet my 
European “Crew” a group of seven of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders who came from 
locations throughout England-- and even the Netherlands and Estonia just to meet us and to 
meet each other. It was such an amazing time to realize that my stories had facilitated these 
wonderful friendships. 

1.  Where you an exceptional English student
 in school?
LMBO, no really that's my answer
2.  You’re stranded at the beach for the 
weekend - you can take two books with you, 
one is an Indie book and the other is 
‘mainstream’ - which two are they?
Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs
Opal Jennifer L Armentrout
3.  What has been your favorite ‘fan’ moment?
Had a book signing in Texas with the amazing 
Heather Self and met to amazing teens who just 
chatted my ear up for an hour, and they were 
awesome. Talking to them made my characters 
come alive and it got me all excited 
to go write some more.
4.  What do you look forward to the most at Indie 
Bookfest 2013?
Meeting all these authors face to face. I'm soooo going to have fan girls moments, 
5.  At the bookstore, what is your favorite section to visit?
Typically the teen section, but I also like the dystopian/scifi section as well.

1. If you had 1 super power what would it be?
Fortunately for me I already have a killer super power, I’m a 
redhead. My temper is flash fire rage that levels everything 
and everyone in the surrounding vicinity. Despite what many 
think I do have a soul and most certainly am not from the devil. 
However, given my incendiary nature I can see how many 
people may have gotten confused.
2. What is one thing about you that your fans don’t know?
The first person to post on Facebook about the return of 
Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the fall goes on my shit list. I hate 
anything that reminders me winter is real and for whatever 
reason that stupid drink is the start of a chain reaction wherein 
everyone is in a frenzy to embrace the change of season and 
destroy my dreams of eternal sunshine.  
3. What are the last five books you’ve read?
Finally after months of writing I took a break and devoured 
Amy Bartol’s Premonition series, Michael Siemsen’s A Warm 
Place to Call Home, and Tarryn Fisher’s The Opportunist and 
Dirty Red. I loved them all.
4. How long did it take you to write Out of Reach?
It took me six months to write Out of Reach. Being my debut novel I have no idea if that’s fast or 
slow. What I can say is I wish I had more time to dedicate to writing.

1. Who has been you biggest cheerleader?
Probably my cohort, partner in crime, and the reason I 
hear voices in my head to begin with Shannon Morton 
(author of Tempted by Evil book 1 of The Light and 
Shadow Trilogy). My running partner and I spend many 
an evening pounding the pavement and harping about the 
characters in our heads, and what the may are or may not 
be sharing with us at the moment. 
2. Who has been your best cheerleader? 
-Definitely without a doubt my Husband. It doesn't matter 
what I say or want to do or talk about trying to make 
happen he is right beside me telling me to do it and that 
we will find a way to make sure it gets done. After that 
would be my mom. 
3. Is there one Indie author who has helped you out? 
What was their advice? 
-There has been multiple actually. My two biggest help with 
advice or suggestion have been Karina Gioertz, and MCV Egan. Another couple who are always 
so sweet and supportive are Joan Lane and Paulette Mahurin. And lately Eileen Register has 
helped me out a bunch too. 
4. What is one thing about you that your fans don’t know? 
- Well that is really hard to think of. I am not very good with keeping myself hidden. Most of my 
fans know I have stories in multiple genres coming out over the next few years, most of my fans 
know I'm the owner of Turning The Pages Magazine, most of my fans know that I am not only a 
writer and reader but I am also a huge crafter and video game nerd, and most know the fun facts 
like I'm married, have 2 dogs 3 guinea pigs, live in FL. Blah blah blah. I guess something that 
many don't know about me is how crazy shy, skittish, and unsociable I really am. I can talk to you 
every day all day on the computer but face to face or on the phone I get nervous and freak out lol. 
5. How long did it take you to write "I've Got You Covered"?
- Well to be honest the whole idea behind the series has been written, tweaked, rewritten, 
stopped, restarted, for I'm thinking it is going on 5 or 6 years now. But the last rewrite which is 
what you get in book one only took about 6 months to write down and say this is how it is going 
to be. 

1.  What has been your favorite ‘fan’ moment?
My favorite ‘fan’ moment came just a few days ago. I received 
my first fan letter in the mail.  It was from a fifth grader who had 
read both books. It made me realize how far the book is starting 
to reach.
2.  Do you have a writing ritual? 
My ritual is crazy. I usually squeeze some time in ever few days 
after the kids are asleep. I turn up the music, read back a few 
pages, and everything starts to flow.  My favorite writing 
accessory is caffeine and my big comfortable chair.
3.   A character from your book comes to life, who would 
it be?
That’s a hard one. I think it would have to be Thomas. He’s the 
southern warrior every girl could want. I’d like to bring the main 
character, Ava to life too, but I’m sure some huge catastrophe 
would follow. LOL
4.  Where you an exceptional English student in school?
No. Honestly, even eight years ago I would not have dreamt that I would one day be an Author. I 
think for me, the story came and I had to find a way to put it on paper.  I never imagined I would 
fall in love with the writing process.
 5.  If you had one super power what would it be?
Time Travel. I would love to be able to go back in time or make the day just a little longer. 

Tawdra Kandle
1. What character was your favorite to write? Why?
Easy! Nell was my favorite. She speaks loudly, and she is so 
much fun. She was only supposed to be in the first book, and 
then she was supposed to disappear. And then one night, in 
the middle of writing the second book BREATHLESS, Tasmyn 
had a dream, and it was Nell. It was one of the scariest scenes 
I had ever written--so much so that I freaked myself out. Shortly 
after that, Nell told me more of her story, and it turned out that 
she was in all four books. . .and then also needed her own. I 
am so excited to write her book! It is called UNDENIABLE 
and will be the second book in the Serendipity Duet
2. What is the story behind your title and cover? 
I am not the type of writer who comes up with a cover and/or 
title before I write the story. So I didn't have a title for 
FEARLESS until I was more than halfway through it. I just 
called it Tasmyn. Then one night I was leaving a restaurant, thinking about a particular 
scene. . .about how Michael makes Tasmyn feel. . .and a song from the (then brand-new) Taylor 
Swift album came on the radio. The whole idea of the line about the first kiss was so evocative 
of Tasmyn and Michael's first kiss, and the title captured one of the main themes of the series, 
which is Tasmyn moving from a place of fear and hiding to confidence and power. As for the 
cover. . .I was not a cover person when I first indie published. I happily am surrounded by people 
who are wise and talented. I wanted a sense of Tasmyn being tossed into a world  far outside 
her experience to date, and I wanted the magic there, too. My youngest daughter took several 
photographs of a small town near us, and the cover artist was able to use the picture in the 
background. I LOVE this cover!! 
3. What’s your go-to songs to get the creative juices flowing? 
I am a song slut, I'm afraid. My most frequent go-to artists are probably Blue October, Matt 
Nathanson and Christina Perri.
4. What do you look forward to the most at Indie Bookfest 2013?
Writing can be somewhat lonely. I love any chance to hang out with other authors, meet new 
friends and talk books and writing. It's going to be a blast!
5. Who has been your best cheerleader? 
All of my family has been extremely supportive from day one, but my youngest daughter has 
made my writing life possible. She takes over all household chores and cooking when I am on 
deadline, gives me ideas, feedback, takes photos and proofreads. . she is my cheerleader all 
the time and I am so grateful!

Devyn Dawson
1. What is one thing about you that your fans don’t 
I am hopelessly addicted to McDonald’s vanilla cones.  
I’m not a fan of their food, but I do like cones and tea.
2.  What do you look forward to the most at Indie 
Bookfest 2013?
I am really excited to meet some authors who have been 
my online ‘friends’ for a while, and to get up with some 
old fans.
3.  What has been your favorite ‘fan’ moment?
I was at the opening night of Breaking Dawn part 1 and 
someone was yelling my name out loud across the 
crowded lobby.  The girl even asked if I wanted to sit with 
her and her friends.  That was awesome.
4.  If you had one super power what would it be?
I’d have the ability to heal the sick.
5.  At the bookstore, what is your favorite section to 
I go to the Teen section first, and then the bargain books :) 

Mandie Stevens
1.  Where did you come up with the idea 
for your books? 
I got the idea for The Edge of Eden when I was 
perusing pre-made book covers on Once Upon 
a Time Covers Facebook page.  When I 
came across the cover fell in love and I went 
back to it multiple times over the next week 
before finally decided that it was meant for me. 
I was working on another project and pulled off 
of it. The story about an alchemist and the 
world she lived in poured out of me. Anya has become one of my favorite characters to write 
2.  What do your order at your favorite coffee shop? 
Always a caramel macchiato, the only difference is if it's hot or iced.
3.   Is there one Indie author who has helped you out? What was their advice?  
There has actually been a group of authors who have helped me a lot but if I have to choose 
only one it would be Liz Schulte. She is simply amazing and has a website which offers writing advice. The best advice has been to finish. 
You can't do anything else until you have a manuscript.
4.  What’s your go-to songs to get the creative juices flowing?  
It depends on what I'm writing but right now it has been Gin Wigmore, Imagine Dragons, 
and a lot of Awolnation. 
5.   If you had one super power what would it be? The ability to write super quickly. 
Maybe then I could get all of the ideas for books out of my head before I get more!

Adam Kunz
1.  Where did you come up with the idea for your books?
I got the idea for One Tiny Secret from many years of reading 
R.L. Stine, Stephen King, Agatha Christie Christopher Pike, 
Carolyn Keene, Franklin W. Dixon, and V.C. Andrews, and 
from watching many, many, horror/thriller films. When I decided 
to sit down and write my first standalone novel (after writing 
three with my mom under the penname C.A. Kunz) I knew that 
it had to be a thrilling mystery with a dash of romance thrown in 
for good measure. Also, it absolutely had to take place around 
Halloween (my favorite holiday). I really wanted to craft a 
twisty-turny storyline that would have reader’s second 
guessing themselves when it came time to pick “whodunit”.
2.  Do you have a certain process you do to get the 
creative juices flowing?
I know this is going to sound backwards from a lot of writers, 
but when I start a new book, and need to get the creative juices 
flowing, I immediately attack the back book blurb and try to get 
the whole idea for the novel down to just a few paragraphs. Then I write down the bios for each 
character to get them all out of my head and onto paper. The next step of my process is to 
create a skeletal outline, expanding on the back book blurb that I worked on earlier. Then the 
last step before I begin to actually write is to draw up how I envision the cover for the book to 
look. I keep this drawing by me while I write as a visual stimulant for my writing. I find that this 
process helps a ton when it comes to actually writing the book, and has worked for me for 
quite some time now.  
3.  How long did it take you to write One Tiny Secret?
From start to finish it took me about three months to write One Tiny Secret. I wrote the first 
three chapters in about a week or so, and then took a month break to focus on the day job. 
Then I committed all of my time after that to writing, and finished from the third chapter 
on in about a month and a half.
4.  What author has inspired you the most on your journey?
Wow, there are literally too many to name, but here are a few that I’ve been inspired by since 
I was a kid, and continue to still love today: J.K. Rowling, R.L. Stine, Stephen King, 
Agatha Christie Christopher Pike, Carolyn Keene, Franklin W. Dixon, and V.C. Andrews.
5.  What do your order at your favorite coffee shop?
Okay, so I have to admit that I’m kind of obsessed with coffee. This is even in my author bio, 
so you know it has to be true, hahaha! And when I go to Starbucks, Panera, 
Dunkin Donuts, or pretty much any other coffee shop, I tend to order the seasonal drink. 
Pumpkin spice lattes are my favorite, but coming in a close second is anything caramel. 

Raine Thomas
1.How long did it take you to write For Everly? 
It took me six weeks to write For Everly. That’s the 
shortest amount of time it’s ever taken me to write 
a novel. It just flowed!
2. If you had one superpower, what would it be?  
I would want the ability to manipulate time. Since I work 
three jobs and have a family, I never have time to read. 
I miss reading!
3. Were you an exceptional English student in 
I was. In fact, I majored in English with a focus in 
Creative Writing (graduating magna cum laude). 
Ironically, I didn’t realize I wanted to be an author 
until I was in my thirties.
4. What has been your favorite “fan” moment?  
I was floored when a fan reached out to me and said 
she intended to dress up like one of my characters (Olivia from Central) for Halloween. 
That really made me feel like I’d made the “big time!’
5. Do you have a book trailer?  I sure do!

Peggy Sue Martinez
1.How long did it take you to write Contingency?

It took me two months from start to finish to write the first 

draft of Contingency.
2. What are the last five books you've read?
Mercy Blade by Faith Hunter
Death's Rival by Faith Hunter
Blood Trade by Faith Hunter
Taking on the Dead by Annie Walls
The Breeders by Katie French

3. Who has been your best cheerleader?
My husband has always been my number one cheerleader in everything.

4.What would be your advice to yourself before publishing your book?
Write. Don't stop, even when all the doubts begin and you think everything you've written 
is crap. Keep writing. When you're done writing, prepare to butcher your writing, do 
several rewrites, and then sew it all back together again. I'm a firm believer that the true 
magic of the writing process happens during editing and rewrites.
5. Do you have a book trailer? Link?

Andrea Heltsley
1. What author has inspired you the most 

on your journey?

Nathaniel Hawethorne.  I read Young Goodman Brown and did a paper on him in college.  I fell in love with his writing and the story.  I loved the descriptiveness of that particular story.
2.  What’s your go-to songs to get the creative juices flowing?
I will put on my Shakira playlist.  I have almost every English and Spanish song she’s recorded.
3.  Who has been your best cheerleader?
My dad has been.  He helped read my stuff when no one else really got involved. 
4.  At the bookstore, what is your favorite section to visit?
I love the YA section.  The covers are always awesome and I just love YA.
5.  Do you have a writing ritual?
I have to have music playing and a candle burning when I write.

Amy Miles
1. What is one thing about you that your fans don’t know about you?  I’m an introvert and as such I am a nervous wreck before and during each book signing that I do.  I say “um” a LOT to try to deal with the nerves.  Also…I fan girl just like everyone else.  I’m always sneaking away from my booth to meet other authors.
2. What has been your favorite fan moment?  
That would have to be when the bank manager of our local branch came rushing out to meet me in the car.  That was surreal.  Not just that she wanted to take a pic with me, while totally having the worst hair day of the year, but that someone in my area had read and loved my books.  Best day ever!
3. Is there one indie author who has helped you about?  What was their advice?  
The best part about being an indie author is the love and support you find from other authors.  I have developed so many lasting friendships with some truly amazing people over the past year. 
The best advice I have been given, and now pass on to anyone who will listen, is to not sweat the reviews.  The good ones make you think you are better than you really are, and the bad ones shake your confidence.  Glean what you can, hone your craft and let the negative reviews wash off your back.  They don’t define you as an author unless you let them. 
4. At the bookstore, what is your favorite section to visit?  
I write what I love to read, so you know I’m spending some quality time in the teen section.  I am a diehard ya fantasy fan.  I love paranormal anything.  Sci-fi?  Bring it on!  Romance?  Action?  Yeah, I’ll take a double helping of those please!
5. Where do you come up with the ideas for your books?  
Ideas are everywhere.  In movies, books, dream, songs, etc.  The question isn’t really where they come from, but what do you do with them?  I keep a dream journal under my bed and if you were to drop by my house at 2am (totally creepy, by the way!) you would find me perched on my toilet, frantically writing down ideas under the bathroom light.  I also have a notepad app on my iphone, a small notebook in my purse, in my car, in my desk, etc.  Having enough ideas to write a book is never my problem.  It’s having the time to work on all of them!  

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