Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Rise of Xosha Scavenger Hunt

The wolves braced themselves. The fur on their necks and backs bristled, standing on end. As Pyre drew closer, they all bared their teeth. All, except the Alpha who sat calm and collected between the others.
Go back to your people lizard. We are only here to watch nothing more. The Alpha said calmly.
A dragon’s brain is a pure wonder. They are known to have the gift of tongues and Pyre proved just how true this was as he not only understood the series of yips and barks the Alpha had issued, but answered him just the same.
I am not a lizard. I’m a dragon. As Pyre said the final word he unfurled his wings, letting the appendages stretch to their full length. Granted, his wingspan was nothing compared to his brother’s, but he was a dragon, it was impressive enough.
The Alpha tilted his head and issued the command for the others to relax. Once the others were no longer ready to spring upon the dragon, the Alpha spoke. Do you have a name dragon?
Do you? As soon as the words left his mouth, he regretted them and winced. Perhaps Oceanus was right after all, he just was not ready to be in command of anything. They call me Pyre…
The Alpha chuckled. You’re a pup aren’t you, Pyre? If you weren’t you wouldn’t have answered as such. I am Reaper: Alpha of the wolves of the Solstyce Woods.
The Solstyce Woods, huh?  Pyre blew off the not being an adult remark. It’s nice to meet you Reaper. My brother is our Oni. I guess you’d call him our Alpha. He leads us. If you stick around you can talk to him when the sun rises.
Reaper shook his head. That won’t be necessary. We are just curious to see what it is you intend to do with the mountain.
A smile crossed Pyre’s face. It was a rather unsettling sight for the wolves. Wait till the sun rises and you’ll see. Rose… Pyre swiveled his neck in the direction of the white ball of scales at the base of the mountain. She has plans and if they work it will be amazing.
Reaper’s gaze fell on the breathing “rock” that was Rose and gasped. A tidal wave of emotions roiled in his gut.  Without another word, he looked to the others and then turned, slipping back into the cover of the woods.
Pyre watched the wolf’s reaction in amusement and then confusion as the wolves simply left without so much as saying good-bye. With a shrug of his massive shoulders, he turned and made his way back to the others. He head butted Oceanus’ flank to wake him since it was well past his time to stand watch, then curled next to Rose and drifted off.


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