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Tale of Souls Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal Banner

Tale of Souls 
The Portals Trilogy / Point Blank 
J.E. Haldeman 
Publisher: Wolf Paw Publications / 
Genre: Urban Sci Fi/Paranormal 
Est Page Number: 650 pages Print / 370 Digital (??) 
Release Date: Pushing for Late February 
Reveal Organizer: Wolf Paw Blog Tours 
Reveal Date: January 15th – January 20th GoodReads :
Cover Reveal
What would you do if you were me? - Dreams and nightmares are a common theme with me. Plagued with what was diagnosed by some idiot doctor as Narcolepsy. These dreams and nightmares are visions of the past, future and other versions of the present. I was born one thing and became another. By force split into several shards and facets of one gem by some stupid government initiative that doesn't exist. Fusion abilities forced upon me without my knowledge. The result becomes my taking people's lives and psyche... fusing every fibre of their being with mine. Some survive... some don't. Problem is, i'm losing control ... Nobody beleives in me. I have a journey in this tale. I'm several souls, and i've got several doors and paths to find the answers. I need to find the keys to these doors, and the vehicle to spark the change. These keys give knowledge to who I was, and who will become. The timelines of reality are slowly collapsing. Is it really my fault or am I just taking the blame? The portals are closing, and people are dropping off the face of the earth. Will i turn the key, lock the door and save the world - or will i fall like an anvil and crack the ground beneath? Follow me. Justin David Terrance in my tale of souls... BOOK ONE IN THE PORTALS TRILOGY of the Point Blank Series. 
Cover Reveal
Disclaimer: This is not 100% the final cover, there are minor edits being done by Warumono at present, however the cover you see is 90% close to the final revisions. Watermarked for protection. )


TaleofSoulsCoverREVEAL(1)Cover Reveal
(Photography by WeNeal’s Photography and Retouching
Cover Artist: Warumono (
Mini Bio: Artist, Cosplayer, Musician, Tailor. 
Cover Artist: J E Haldeman (Who is also the author HA HA!)

Cover Reveal
Cover Reveal
I'm J E Haldeman, or Jill. I'm a water dog, i'm a capricorn, and i have ADHD/aspergers laced with the strangest form of social anxiety. I'm happy with a book, or even happier sitting in front of my screen watching Supernatural. I was born and raised in Minnesota, and I moved to NZ about the time I was sixteen. I'm a photoshop nerd and on the side I make video trailers for other authors. I don’t bite, I'm a massive nerd ! I have to shout out to a great band called Lansdowne, because their Conquer Them All single is featured proudly in my book trailer.
Cover Reveal
I can be found on skype: pretzelkarma or aim: xxpuppygirl83
Cover Reveal
This campaign is to fuel the upstart of my artistry, and my new jewelry business. I will be selling my books, my art and goods at markets across the Otago area, and online. The amount of money required is a boost into the business side letting me get appropriate stock to create more things. It is also a way to get my arts, my books and my jewelry etc into Armageddon Expo. However this campaign is only for an upstart into getting things like more euro charms, snake chain bracelets and things for pin/badge making and bottlecap necklaces. You can find examples of my work at Reward levels are simple, and mean you can order a slice of the pie as well as helping me out. Of course you can see I make bottle cap swag as well!
Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal
(Please note I haven’t made another one since switching to Wolf Paw. Many thanks to Satalyte though, in the interim!)
Cover Reveal
Here’s the rafflecopter code: a Rafflecopter giveaway
Cover Reveal Music
Tee-hee. ZILCH - POSE. (3.2.1 Vocals by Hideto Matsumoto/hide)
Cover Reveal
Thank you to everyone who’ve actually been involved in this cover reveal, I can’t wait to enjoy the next leg of the tour when it all comes around!

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