Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Author Spotlight WELCOME Dennis Timothy +GIVEAWAY

With a new month comes a new featured author... 
I am happy to tell you that for May, we have gracing the blog,
Dennis Timothy is a very creative writer of some amazingly suspenseful stories and we hope you have a ball getting to know him! 
I have lived in the state of Nebraska all of my life.  Presently, I live in the small village of Dodge; population eight hundred.

I was raised in the country south of Nebraska City, which is the home of Arbor Day.  My earliest memories are of one-roomed schools houses, raising farm animals, tending gardens, and generally being self-reliant.

In addition to writing I enjoy photography, and some of my photographs have been published by The Omaha World Herald.  I also enjoy gardening, walks in the woods, the Rocky Mountains, and shooting sports. I have three houseplants and a spoiled little terrier named Colby.

I started writing over twenty years ago when I was asked to provide editorial content for a local paper, The Patriot Whistle. I went on to produce my own monthly publication for readers who collected and restored antique farm equipment.

To prepare myself for writing I took writing classes from the local community college and joined the Nebraska Writers Guild. The Guild has really inspired me, and holds so much talent. Its members include Alex Kava, Victorine Lieske, Mary Connealy, Gina Barlean, Sally J. Walker, and dozens and dozens of talented writers. I have learned so much from all of them.

I had my first short story published by Golden Visions Magazine in 2011. I have their acceptance framed and on the wall with numerous framed rejection letters. The readers response to “Found Them”, which appeared in the summer issue, encouraged me to continue writing and publishing my material. This story is also found in my latest book One Heartbeat Past Normal.

My first book, Merry Hell, was outlined while I was staying at a cabin on the Big Thompson River, near Estes Park, at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  One Heartbeat Past Normal was mostly written while I rented a cabin in Mahoney State Park. I work fulltime, so I try to schedule four writing vacations a year. I write as catch can otherwise, but I am most productive when I can concentrate on just writing. During these quarterly writing fits I over imbibe on coffee, forego shaving, and will maybe shower twice.

I am currently in the final stages of completing an epic story, The Whiskey Scrolls, and hope to release it this year.

You can follow, stalk, and message him here!

Check out the awesome titles that you can find by Dennis Timothy!!

Merry Hell
Publication Date: 17 June 2012

Book Description
It was Angie Timmons turn to host Christmas dinner for her adult family and friends. The story’s characters bring their own assortment of quirks to the holiday table. Each person determined to make the best of things, until a freak blizzard forces them to remain together. A fast-paced read filled with humor, drama, and adult themes. A story that begs the question, could any average family survive this much togetherness?
One Heartbeat Past Normal

Publication Date: 16 February 2014

Book Description
Imaginative, quirky, and always surprising! Meet the ordinary players on life's stage whose realities are forever changed by chance meetings with supernatural forest dwellers, mysterious things in the sky, murder plots by evil antiques, and a talking tattoo. These occurrences and more collected in fifteen short stories each ending with its own unique twist.

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