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Meet the Wolf Paw Authors!!!

S. Cu'Anam Policar

S.Cu'Anam Policar was born in Brooklyn, NY, but now lives in Washington State. The Mother of three she makes time to write, usually late at night. An avid reader, she not only writes, but helps promote other authors with blog tours and reviews of their books. She is Pagan but respects all religions and believes everyone should celebrate their similarities and not worry about their differences. When she has the time, she enjoys playing video games, horseback riding, singing, and writing things other than her Legend of Xosha series including short stories for anthologies.  Also the founder of Wolf Paw Publications, she believes quality work shouldn’t cost an author an arm and leg. And while her prices are competitive, the quality of her work shines through.  She absolutely loves to make new friends so don't be afraid to come by and say hi on facebook!

Bryan R. South

Bryan R South  was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He graduated Kamiakin Highschool  in 1993 . Bryan has had several poems published and has been working on the Rise of the Guardians Series since he was 16, and did his senior year paper on being a fantasy novelist.   He has worked as a line-cook, in construction, and other odd jobs. He resides with his wife and fellow author, S. Cu’Anam Policar, and their children in the Pacific Northwest still.

B.P. Massa

B.P. Massa, familiarly known as Brian Massa, was born in Staten Island, NY on November 8, 1980 to MaryAnn and Peter Massa. While he was born in NYC, he was raised in South Brunswick, NJ since the age of 4.  Currently, he resides in Baltimore, MD with 2 roommates and 3 cats. He is a trained chef and certified mixologist, but also worked as an EMT in some of NJ’s roughest cities for over 10 years. Never one to sit still and always adventurous, Brian loves to try new things and experience new places whenever he can. In spare time, Brian enjoys playing MMOs (Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2), hiking, playing guitar, singing, recording music, and cooking. While not ascribing to any certain religion or spirituality, he does read into and study many different faiths and beliefs.  He has an extreme interest in the paranormal, the unknown, and crypto-zoology to which he adds into his works.  Brian has also been a part of two paranormal investigation squads in his time.

Paul Levas

Paul Levas was born and grew up in Antioch, IL, but has lived in Phoenix, AZ, for the past twenty years. He is a writer specializing in the horror genre, and cites Stephen King as his major influence. He has six short stories published: The Shed, The Hungry Woods, The Blog of Kevin Hickey, Tracy's Day Out (Novella), Sweet Temptation, and Shadows. He is also included in the anthology titled Grave Robbers, and Pavor Nocturnus Magazine | Horror Quarterly, which has published Shadows in their Vol 2 Magazine in January 2014. He is currently at work on a novel and A few short stories.

Raven Vincent Walker

Raven Vincent Walker resides in Michigan, is a proud member of the LGBT community and has practiced several branches of the Pagan faith in his twenty some years.  A lover of fantasy, horror, thrillers, and paranormal novels, and writer of fantasy and paranormal. When not toiling away on his novel, Raven likes to relax with some RP on, as well as draw, knit, paint, and of course, read. He also likes to spend time with his two snakes and his dog.

Raz T. Slasher

Although more widely known for his roles in various independent films, Raz T Slasher has actually been writing since childhood. Inspired early on by the works of Poe, Lovecraft, King, and Barker, he's always sought to put forth his own voice amidst a genre full of shambling madness and horror. Using his own unique perspectives he strives to blur the line between reality and the imagination whenever possible. When not persuing his passions he spends as much time as he can with his family and friends, and is currently banned from jumping out at them from dark places. He enjoys reading, gaming, and talking to himself loudly in public; proving you can't spell crazy without R-A-Z...

Rose Dewallvin

Growing up in a small town close to Seattle, Rose saw many different walks of life. But growing up around bikers and rockers, she experienced most things people only dream of. Now a thirty something year old wife, mother, sister, aunt and best friend - she is devoting her time and energy to bringing these experiences and many more to you in her books.

Karleem Johnson

Karleem is a young writer who loves food, scary stories, art, and music. He's 19 years old, and he loves reading almost as much as he loves writing. He's from Norfolk, Virginia, but he currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Riqi Roze

Roze began writing in 2004 and published E.O.N.S in 2005. In 2012 and 2013 Black Rose Writing pressed both So It Ends & So It Begins. His titles Jesus Christ!, Before The Aftermath, and Vaguely Vivid are always available for free as E-books through or for sale in print from In 2014 Rose made Tai/Dice using the moniker Riqi. Look out for hidden surprises and much more to come in the future.

Trista Jaszczak

Trista Jaszczak (jazz-ick) is the Amazon bestselling author of Loverboy and the anticipated, Believe Series of fairy tales retold with an adult theme. She is an Air Force spouse and mother to two mischievous and rambunctious little girls. She is creative by nature and not only writes, but is a photographer who braves the cold to chase the northern lights. She also plays guitar and sings, two things that have become  a favorite past time of hers when she’s not behind the glowing screen of her computer. And, though she considers it just a hobby, loves to sketch and paint. She is originally from Hamilton, Ohio but calls home where ever the Air Force sends her. She currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska where she finds endless inspiration in the pure Alaskan wilderness. Though the rain can seem endless in the fall, and the constant daylight is a burden in the summers, she considers it a privilege to live here. Some days she finds herself going out, armed with her camera, in search of wildlife, or staying up late tracking the aurora. Her favorite find so far has been a mother bear with her triplet  cubs in tow. When Trista isn't writing, she spends her time with her family in the vast Alaskan outdoors, plucking away at her old guitar, working out in the gym, or babying her over-grown Labrador puppies. She loves the outdoors, the moon, old movies and music. She loves being creative, practicing her photography, and wildlife, and she doesn’t mind  sharing her space with the moose and bear, which she encounters quite often.

Joseph Flint Jr.

Growing up in Upstate NY, Joseph Flint always had a knack for writing. After joining the Pagan Community, his mind slowly filled with everything mystical. Magick became his muse, and the pen glided over the paper with tales, of fantasy, of Elves and sorcerers, and of places that, with a little imagination, anyone can visit. But alas, a flood in 2011 washed all those worlds away. But now he is back. slowly rebuilding those worlds with a bit of Magick in every sentence. Starting with his first book titled "Court Deception" coming soon.

Lillian Christiansen

Lillian Christiansen was born in the Great Northwest in one of the drizzling suburbs of Seattle. After so many years of wet weather that her toes were starting to grow webbing, she moved to the dry desert of Las Vegas Nevada. She often includes the northwest and the desert regions as backdrops for her writing. Currently her main focus is on erotic fiction and adult themes. She has had several short stories published in international magazines and currently has two short story collections available titled Sex Said Goodbye and Sex Happens in Vegas.

Mariah Lynde

Mariah Lynde is a North Carolina native who has been writing since her early childhood.  First recognized for poetry it was only in recent years that her writing abilities have expanded to included short stories, novellas, and novels specializing in the areas of fantasy and paranormal romance. The oldest of three children, Mrs. Lynde is a military wife and mother to one child. A former paramedic, she is known for a rather eclectic sense of tastes in movies, music, and television shows that outline several different aspects of interest. An avid reader who follows authors like Christine Feehan and Sherrilyn Kenyon, it was their series of  stories that inspired Mariah Lynde to create her own  story and universe. The first published work of this author was a small collection of short stories called, “Timepiece”. A year later, there was a little publicized novella released called “Darkness Falls”. As of right now, Mrs. Lynde is the known author of two currently penned series: “Vengeance of Avalon” and “Witches of Destiny”.

 Meet the Wolf Paw Authors!!

Wolf Paw Authors are a special blend of friend and family. Here at Wolf Paw Publications, each author is given the individual attention they absolutely deserve. After all, without our authors, we wouldn't be here.

Angello Adrien

Angello Adrien was born and raised in the Caribbean; in Haiti. At 15, he moved in the unites states to Philadelphia. Where he went to northeast high school and was part in many club included a writing club call Java House, an anime club, and an LGBT Ally group..
He graduated with an Associates Degree in computer drafting and design at ITT Technical institute.
He loves writing short stories and poetry; as well as singing . He loves to learn about new stuff and meeting new people, and is an average bookworm. He loves reading any books that spark his interest.
he loves sweets, especially chocolate cake
He also has a poetry page on facebook call Angello Adrien-Poems of the soul( poems de l'ame ).  don’t be afraid to say hi to him.


Nachtmahr was born in Colorado in a small town in the mountains, he moved to Denver in his youth and traveled the state many times in his late teens to early twenties. Now far removed from his humble beginnings he travels slowly back towards the only home his heart has ever known. Being an avid reader of Dark Gothic, Horror, and Fantasy. Nachtmahr has chosen to ply his unique flavor of the genres in his up coming series, The Symphony of the Night. In addition to writing Nachtmahr also hosts an internet radio station where he shares the music that inspires him.
His influences come from his love of Gothic music and reading. as he reads seven to ten books a week he holds a unique view of the literary world, and hopes to share the vast universe of stories to the world.

A. Casey

Pushing the boundaries and painting wonder in the reader's mind, A. Casey is the author of the Unchained series.  A. Casey has been writing since her early teenage years, she has been critiquing her skills and building her imagination until finally deciding to write professionally. A. Casey credits her personal life and experiences, her wild imagination and unapologetic writing that mold her works.
A. Casey has been influenced early in her life by movies, books and her own experiences in life. Crediting her mother, Rose, who made it a routine to desensitize and show the young A. Casey that the world wasn't just all flowers and sunshine and that there was much more to life than what met the eye. Building upon ideas and original thoughts, A. Casey would continue to write underground for many years. Her works and style earning her recognition throughout those communities.
A. Casey is a jack of many trades, but she enjoys writing, painting, gaming and her family time when she's not working with her husband. She has a down-to-earth attitude, accompanied by her worldly knowledge and open mindedness. A. Casey is from the central Florida area, however has lived in a variety of different cities and states. She currently travels across the United States as part of her job.

James Moorer

Writer, Poet and Pancake Provocateur, James grew up in the east suburbs of Cleveland, were the gritty and sometimes dark images shaped his writing. But James, always a dreamer, brought fantasies to life on the page as early as elementary school where he wrote and produced his first original stage play. He was a published poet by the age of 18, entering an early work in the New Voices in American Poetry, and then went on to study Journalism at The Ohio State University. James soon found himself involved in the film program the university offered. But budget cuts saw the end of the curriculum before James had a chance to truly explore his talents there.
But writing would soon make a comeback in James’ life. After a chance meeting with Kevin Murphy, owner of Strateia Animation, James once again caught the writing bug and for a year worked as a freelance writer for Hasbro, maker of the Transformers franchise. This led James to delve back into writing for the film medium and he wrote and produced the short, THE GIRL IN THE RED SHOES. From that film, James formed 808 Productions along with Murphy and director William Lee. James made his indie feature and on-screen debut in the film SEASON OF BLOOD.  It was then James made the decision to go to the one place he felt would help him define his talent as a writer, Hollywood.
But books, ever a constant and his first love have never left his heart, holding a pivotal role in the legacy he wants to leave behind. Now coming full circle with his talent, James returns with a tantalizing array of novels he is eager to share with the world. ​

Jessica Albee

Jess Albee grew up and still lives in Massachusetts in United States with her husband, children and cats. She is married with two kids and she currently working as a certified nursing assistant.
When she finds a spare moment, she lives her passion as an author.
“I have been writing for about ten years and this is my first book published. I do not think it will be my last.”

Michael Blackthorn

Michael Blackthorn was born and raised in Live Oak, California. He has been working as a professional in the hair industry for over 8 years.
Michael is a Witch practitioner of 19 years and is currently studying the Anderson Feri Tradition.
Some of his favorite past times include fitness (he is a huge fan of P90X/TurboFire), Nutrition (he has been Vegan for 4 years), reading, Tarot consultations, and managing social networking groups on Facebook. These include the Deviant Witch page as well as Deviant Witchery page and group.

Angee Taylor

Angee was born in Houston, Texas in 1977, to an interesting family. Her mother and father separated when she was young. She lived with her mother who later remarried a wonderful man, who had a huge impact on her as she grew up. She has always had a love of reading, mostly paranormal. As a child,she  would sneak up at late night, when her mom thought she was sleeping, to read. She moved around a lot, eventually settling in Deep East Texas. She married at a young age and eventually divorced. She has raised her now 16 year old son alone. She works full time as a pre-hospital nurse and sometimes see things that would make the rest of you have nightmares. On other days, She's blessed to see miracles. These things are what drives her to write.
She describes her job as- “I fight to save people’s lives. Sometimes I lose, sometimes I win. It's the emotional roller coaster of a job, which leads me to writing. I'm able to put those emotions into my characters and let them out of my heart and soul.”
In late 2006 early 2007, She was diagnosed with a rare disease, shortly after that she was told she would be on full disability in five years and most likely be dead in ten. She's fought to live a normal life every day since and she's beating those odds. She works at a demanding job, she's a single mom, cares for an elderly mother, and owns two hyperactive dogs.
On April 17, 2013 she faced yet another challenge in her life when her home was destroyed in the explosion in West, TX. She lost many friends and almost everything she own. Once again she has fought to get through it and She's  finally starting to feel normal again. 

Scarlett F Angell

Scarlett is an Australian girl who has been writing since she was a kid. She lives in Perth, Australia with her boyfriend and two cats, and loves the sun and the beach. She writes mainly fantasy and supernatural with a splash of Sci-fi thrown in. When not writing, she likes to read, draw, paint, and write poetry. 

Jayson Zwirner

Jayson Zwirner spent the early years of his life in a small town in Ohio. He moved around for years until he finally met his wife and settled down.Now living in Tennessee he works for a family owned business. A father of three he spends time between going insane (have three kids then ask why) and using that insanity to write his Freshman Novel series Raising Fall.

J. Minerva Davis

J. Minerva Davis, born Janelle Marie Davis entered the world in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Currently living in Texas, she has had her own odyssey in life at the fresh age of twenty-seven, having been at the highs and lows and writing poems in the walls of homeless resource centers. A domestic violence survivor, this mother of three has refused to relinquish the dream of her thirteen-year project. Eyes of Gold began as simple, mindless doodles in middle school and has evolved through many phases and faced destruction by her aggressor. Repeatedly rebuilding her pride and joy potential series, she feels each destruction has allowed a stronger and more refined rebirth as she battled into maturity. She is a hellenic reconstructionist by most standards, but often calls herself an "eclectic pagan" with intense interest in other doctrines and a fascination with the anthropological evolution of faith. She enjoys raising her children, video games, reading, and role-playing. She has many more projects dancing at her fingertips such as Godblood, and the developing gaming studio Zarathustra Productions.

Michele Walters

Michele Walters lives in the mountains of Kentucky with her husband, and children. She spent time studying anthropology, and geology at Marshall University. She is a writer, and photographer, and enjoys cooking, gardening, and spending time with her family, and friends. She also enjoys reading sci-fi books, and playing computer games. 

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