Monday, April 27, 2015

REVIEW: If You Only Knew (And Then Came Love Book 1) by Sara Preston

Julian Vitalli is a pharmaceutical botanist researching medicinal marijuana to aid cancer patients and to help manage his bipolar disorder. With two ex-wives under his belt, love was the last thing he was looking for when it crashed outside his house. 

Liza Thomas started as a case manager, because she wanted to help people. She lost her childhood best friend to the foster care system and wanted to make a difference. Now she found herself frustrated with the system and not enough hours in the day to help everyone. Love was the last thing on her mind the night of the accident, which led to a whirlwind romance and unexpected pregnancy. 
Can a man fighting bipolar disorder and a woman with the heart the size of Indiana work through their issues and become the family they always wanted?



The author provided me with a digital ARC copy of the book for review purposes only. No remuneration was exchanged.

I am going to do something I have never down in my reviews and that is break the story down from chatacters to the story-line.

I want to start off by saying that usually I don't go for romance stories, because I am a lover of the Paranormal, but as a reviewer, I decided to give this book a shot. Keep reading to find out more about what I thought.

I am starting off with Liza by saying I absolutely LOVED this character. She is fiesty, loving, and VERY independent. I actually felt for this character and have a lot of respect for this character. Her love and encouragement made me want to keep reading to see if her love for Julian would really stand true. I give this character 5 books for her loving and caring personality.

Julian on the other hand, I wanted to strangle throughout this whole book. I was only fifty-eight pages in when I realized, 'Do I love him' or 'Do I hate him'? At this point I was leaning torward hating him, but I am always for second chances, so I kept reading. I took Julian at first as a ladies man and a charmer. He sure knew his way with words around the ladies and his smile was to die for. Even though he used the cheesiest pick up lines in the world, he seemed to have a dark side to him that I picked up right off the bat. I do understand to a certain extent how this character felt. Past life experiences can do a lot to a person, but I believe he had a great family and a wonderful partner throughout the whole book. Which, I must say, is also hard to come by. I really enjoyed reading about this character and he has come to grow on me, though I can only give him 3 books right now.

The Story-line......
I absolutely loved this story. I felt a connection to the characters and enjoyed their strengths and weeknesses throughout the story. I loved the family influences and how well the family stayed together through the tough times and the good times. I love how they also loved the people outside of their families and how kind hearted they all were. There was a lot of this story that touched my heart in so many ways and on so many levels. I really felt as if I was a part of their battles. The author did an exquisite job of describing in detail the characters played in each role. I was extremely excited about how the book started off. What a way to start off introducing some of the characters in the story and the ending is a tear jerker. Though, you would have to read it for yourself. I was so addicted to this story, I had an extremely hard time putting it down. When I wasn't reading, I was trying to find a way to get back to the book, even when I was sick, I couldn't ignore this book. I laughed, got REALLY angry, cried, and fell in love with these characters and their dilemas of life. I give this book a overall five book review and I highly recommend this to all my reader followers and friends.

Sara Preston is a happily married mother of three who loves to read and write romance novels. She is a full-time author. Runs a Critique Group and does some developmental editing on the side. Thanks to a lovely friend and reading a lot of writing books she is much better at the writing game than when she started. She loves to help people with their writing journey and meeting new friends in the writing field. Hoping that you all enjoy her new book If You Only Knew.



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