Tuesday, April 14, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Unraveled Agents for the Crown (Book 4) by Elizabeth A. Lance

Agents for the Crown (Book 4)
Elizabeth A. Lance
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Miss Joanna Deville has given up on her love for Lord Jonathon Montgomery and chosen a new life. Her help with capturing a jewel thief and an assassin has caught the attention of the Prince Regent and he wants her recruited to be an Agent for the Crown. Joanna readily accepts and leaves with Lord Thomas Mayberry, a known rakehell, who is to train her in the Agency. What she never counted on was Jonathon’s change of heart. Now he is pursuing her with the passion she has longed for, but will it be enough to capture her heart once more, or will it be stolen by her new mentor, Lord Mayberry?
Join Joanna as she tracks down a circle of thieves, learns about fine art and the trials of love in Unraveled, Agents for the Crown book four.


I absolutely love how this author writes and the Regency time period is one of my favorites. The dress, the parties, the horse and carriages, it's all a wonderful and fabulous dream that I wish I could have lived through. Also the suspense and magic of the story line and the acts of criminal masterminds all really sucked me into this story and kept me craving more. This story is so exquisitely written and I love how she spun in some true life facts into the story. I also love how this author does her homework and research to make sure she hits every detail perfectly. It feels as if I am a part of the story and actually living in this life time. I am truly excited about reading the next installment into the Agents of the Crown Series and that this fabulous author's characters had talked her into another boo. I am honored as always to read this author's work and I hope you do too. 

I received a complementary copy of this book in return for my honest opinion and review. 

Elizabeth A. Lance lives with her husband, Brandon, their two teenagers (Which is why she writes, so she can keep them in food), three sassy cats who think they own the house and two crazy German Sheppard-Husky mix dogs (who seem to believe they are Koala bears and Elizabeth is the tree they must hang on to). She is the author of the Young Adult series, Soul Mates;the Regency series, Agents for the Crown as well as several novellas, Kismet and The Valentine,Bound in Love, and The Bloom, all published with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. She loves to hear from her fans and can be reached at http://www.facebook.com/ElizabethAnneLance or you can follow her on twitter @ElizabethALance.



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