Friday, July 31, 2015


Lila Felix

Six years ago, deep in the swamps of Louisiana, Delilah’s face was marred forever at the hands of her sisters by the point of her mother’s kitchen knife. Despite her protest, her parents insist she make haste in finding a husband. But finding a husband isn’t an easy feat with a scar running the length of your face. 

Porter Jeansonne keeps to himself. He lives in his mansion, set apart from the town he’s grown to detest. One night, walking through the town, seeking to collect a debt, he hears a man selling off his daughter in the most deplorable part of the darkened streets. He chooses to take pity on her and set her free from her despicable family. Until he sees her face. He then knows that maybe she is the mend for his haunted heart. 

His Haunted Heart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I must start off by saying that I am a Paranormal reader and usually don't step out of my comfort zone to read other books, but I decided to give this book a try.....Well, at least I thought it was just a regular love story........I was wrong.

WOW, I was hooked from the beginning!! I loved Delilah and the way the story started off with her and her family and her family's deep, dark secrets. It was incredibly addicting and Delilah is such a strong character in the story. I could relate to her home life as was my home life wasn't much better. So, just this character alone made me want to read more, because I just HAD to know if things ever got better for her.

As the story goes on, we meet Porter Jeansonne, who is a rich banker that pays Delilah's father to take her hand in marriage. And of course, back in the time period this story takes place, there was such a thing as paying to marry someone if your family off to a complete stranger. I absolutely love Porter and how he swooped in and was Delilah's 'Knight in shining Armor', there to whisk her off her feet and save her from her deep, dark family secrets. And how he ends up falling in love with Delilah. It's magical, mystical, and beautiful. I figured that this romance was the only thing that would happen in this story, and boy was I wrong.

There is Marie and Rebel, who just make this even more twisted and wickedly evil. I was not expecting these two characters in the story but I love how they turned this marriage up side down and how the author twisted this story just enough to make it Paranormal. This author has a magical touch that few authors have and she nails this story as one makes it to my top ten favorite reads of 2015.

To find out more about this story, because I will not give anymore away, you will have to read the book for yourself. I have to stop and applaud this author for magnificent story with a slightly, don't see it coming story. Well done, Ms. Felix, well done.

The author provided me with a digital ARC copy of the book for review purposes only. No remuneration was exchanged.


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