Saturday, January 30, 2016


Macy Farmer

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Dreamlike State (The Magic of the Black Forest #1)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As everybody knows, I am a fan of YA Paranormal, but sometimes you can catch me reading other genres and checking out what is outside of my preferred comfort zone.....

Wow, the beginning of this book had me hooked!! I loved how the author brought our attention to excitement and sadness all in the very first chapter, and from then on, I couldn't put the book down!! This story is full of excitement, adventure, love, loss, friendship, and romance!!

Where to start?......Natalia is a great character. She has many rough patches, but she figures out how to get through them. She is brave yet also very leery of people. She is the type of character I can relate with. I have some of the same issues, especially with people. I felt everything Natalia felt and I loved everything about this character. I also loved the other characters in the story too. I loved how the one who loved Natalia helped push her insecurities, which helped her overcome some obstacles. Then there were the ones who got in the way and tried HARD to ruin things, but Natalia didn't let that stop her with Bradley at her side. This is a phenomenal romance story with a slight twist and I highly recommend it!!

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