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Hauling Ash
Author: Tonia Brown
Genre: Horror, Ghost Comedy
Published: January 27th, 2015
Publisher: Post Hill Press

At the behest of his dead uncle’s spirit, Otto Waldorf seeks out a hidden fortune, only to end up with a quarter million of the mafia’s money. With both the mob and the FBI on his tail, this lonely mortician flees the country with money in tow. Throw in a nervous schnauzer, a moody hit man, and a blonde bombshell for a comedy noir of haunting proportions.

When the spirit of his recently deceased uncle appears in his kitchen, lonely mortician Octavious Waldorf can only guess the ghost isn’t there just for the coffee. His miserly uncle reveals the location of a hidden fortune with the promise of more if Otto will spread the dead man’s ashes across the Caribbean Sea. Through a simple mistake Otto ends up with almost a million of the mafia’s money instead of his uncle’s simple few thousand. Otto does what any desperate man would do and flees the country aboard a cruise ship headed to the Bahamas to fulfill his uncle’s last request. With the money, his dead uncle’s ashes, and a nervous schnauzer in tow, Otto sets out to change his fortune and life. That near million just so happens to belong to crime boss and all around bad guy Tony “Waldorf” Maloney (no relation), who happens to be on the same cruise. Maloney isn’t interested in just getting the money back. Along with the help of the much feared hired hit man Mr. Banjo, as well as the blonde bombshell Penny Lane, Maloney plans on squeezing the money as well as a few vital juices from Otto’s cold, dead corpse. On the other end of the law, the FBI is hot on Maloney’s tail. Special Agents Frank Wallace and Larry Lawrence aren’t sure who this Otto guy is, or how he fits into Maloney’s organization, but they don’t plan on letting either of them get away. Maybe it’s time for the nearly retired Frank to take a much needed cruise to the Bahamas. It’s a comedy noir of hilarious errors as Otto learns that sometimes money does buy happiness.


Hauling Ash

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As everybody knows by now, I am fan of YA Paranormal and from time-to-time, you can catch me stepping outside of my comfort zone to read other genres and well......

Off the bat, when I saw this book cover, I just had to find out more about this book. So, I dug a little deeper and read the synopsis and then I just HAD to read this book. This book promised a little paranormal with some humor in it and I needed a book that was light hearted and fun to read and I am so glad that I took this book on.

The beginning of this book was fantastic!! I love how the author opened this book by starting off in Otto's kitchen and how it rolled with a surprise and just a touch of comedy. I was practically rolling with laughter by just the first chapter, so I of course, had to read on.

What would you do if your uncle sent you on a wild goose chance simply to a target for the mob and the FBI? Seriously?

I can't believe the things Otto had to go through in this book because of his Uncle Walter, and the turn of events were phenomenal. Who knew? This story was written by a genius!! I was completely and utterly addicted to this story and the outcome was way more than I expected too!! I absolutely loved the humor throughout this book. It made it very enjoyable to read and is one I will wanna go back to and reread again. I am so happy that I gave this book a chance and I highly recommend this to adults who love a good Ghost story filled with the mob, the FBI, and comedy.

Juniper Grove Solutions provided me with a digital ARC copy of the book for review purposes only as part of their Reviewers Team. No remuneration was exchanged.

~ About the Author ~

Tonia Brown is a Southern author with a penchant for Victorian dead things. She lives in North Carolina with her genius husband and an ever fluctuating number of cats. When not writing she raises unicorns and fights crime with her husband under the code names “Dr. Weird and his sexy sidekick Butternut.”


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