Monday, June 27, 2016

REVIEW: Undeniable by LJ Baker

LJ Baker

This story contains adult situations, hot sex, bad language, love triangles, sexy vampire bites and violence. If that’s not for you, then maybe this story isn't either. 

Years after the Great War between the humans and vampires, the world is a very different place. Humans live under the rule of vampires, often becoming little more than slaves or personal blood bags. Ariana and her brother Chase have managed to live off the radar for twenty years with a small pocket of other humans, but when they are caught and forced into Vampire City, everything changes. 

The steaming hot vampire king, Alexander Morgan, takes a particular interest in Ariana. There is something about her that he can’t ignore. Despite her defiance and general loathing of his kind, he wants her, and she isn’t exactly against the idea. 

Ari grew up being taught that vampires were evil, psychopathic, killers. She had no reason to think otherwise. Vampires killed almost everyone she ever knew or loved. Yet when she finds herself with Alexander, there is an overwhelming connection that she isn’t sure she would fight, even if she could. But Alexander isn’t the only one she feels this bond with. She also can’t seem to stay away from his half-brother, West. 

Caught between everything she ever believed, and the sexy vampire she is quickly falling for, Ariana must decide if their relationship is worth being threatened by the humans, hunted by the vampires, and losing herself to some unknown force that is dragging her deeper and deeper into a world that not even Alexander understands. 

Wow, what an incredible journey this story was. It sure isn't your usual Vampire story that's for sure. I absolutely loved this story. It's sexy, seductive, and very secretive all rolled into one awesome page turner. I loved the characters in the story and the emotions in this book were off the charts with each one. I actually felt as if I was part of the story. I felt everything that the characters left. Plus, the sex scenes were extremely sultry and exciting. I needed a cold shower after reading this one.

Such a sexy, seductive, and witty character. I loved her attitude and pizzazz and the way she could handle herself with the Vampires. I wanted to actually be this character.

Sexy and seductive. I loved how he could just pull Ari in and how his life was changed forever by just one little ole human. He is also quite the charmer and one most women crave and most men wanna be.

I loved the compassion and dedication of each character and the respect that they had for one another. This was a remarkable page turner and one of my favorite Erotica's of 2016 and I highly recommend this book to all Adult Erotica lovers who love a kick butt Paranormal story. This book is not for everybody, so please be advised that this is an Erotica and not suitable for readers under 18.


The author provided me with a digital ARC copy of the book for review purposes only as part of this Blog Tour. No remuneration was exchanged.

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