Tuesday, July 5, 2016

REVIEW: Stolen Moments by Ellen Wilder

Stolen Moments
And Then Came Love Book 2
Ellen Wilder

Trevor Vitalli’s plan involved a life in the military. A knee injury changed that. Honorably discharged now he’s waiting for his medical release to start his new life as a conservation officer. 

All Dr. Arianna Halsey knows of love and family is loss. Bereaved yet again, she and her fifteen-year-old daughter move to Indiana to make a fresh start. 

The attraction between the two is instantaneous. Can Arianna work through her trust issues and learn to love again? Can Trevor, Arianna, and her daughter adjust to life’s hiccoughs . . . and find their way to happiness?

This is my longest review yet, because I have so much to cover in this story.

I want to start off with a quote from the book that brought me to tears....

"Stolen moments. Sometimes you have to steal from the clock a bit. A quick hug on your way out the door. A cup of coffee in the wee hours of the morning after you have calmed a colicky baby. Maybe sometimes even scrawled 'I love you' taped to the fridge. Those are stolen moments, honey. And you'll find they save a heart as much or more than a dozen roses or a diamond ring."

Wow, no truer words were ever spoken.....

What an awesome title to an awesome read. I read this book in less than twenty-four hours and it has taken me that long to compose my thoughts, let the story sink in, and find the right words to write this review.

This story captured my heart and soul. This author has a real knack for bring forth real characters and real scenarios to her stories, which includes parts of her real life happenings. This author really outdone herself this time with this story, and has not only written an award winning story but it has a wonderful message that I find I want to add to my life too. She has brought forth some feelers that I was not expecting in this story. I went from laughing one minute to crying the next. All the events that happened has left part of my heart and soul within its pages. 

I could really relate to this character in so many ways. Ari was a strong character. She had to learn to take care of herself at an early age. I felt a real connection with her and my heart broke every time a wall was put up in front of her.

I admit, I was never pregnant but I was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused all of my life, until recently that is. I also felt as if I was not loved and was constantly scared to to do anything because I was afraid that I would get hurt. It happened....I got hurt a lot and told I wouldn't amount to anything or I would never be able to live a life on my own. I also was shunned and disowned by my own family. I have not talked to any of them in twenty plus years. So, just like this character, I proved them wrong, kept myself to myself, and shut out the world and didn't trust a single person. I had a bubble around me so no one could get in. I was always alone and thought no one even cared. Well, it took some coaxing from others and they proved to me that there really people out there who cared. So, I sympathize with this character deeply. I also, just like Ari, have people I call family who aren't even blood.

They are a strange and awesome bunch of people that are made up of blood and not blood members. I love how they all care and respect one another and there when something happens, whether it be in the family or someone outside the family.

This was quite the twist to the story. I love how the author brought forth their story and twisted with the Vitalli's story and I am very excited to read more about them.

He is a kind and compassionate character with his own problems that he has trouble solving. He has a big heart and cares deeply for his family.

This story had some un-expecting turn of events. This story made me laugh and cry all in the same page at times. This author has a magical gift that few authors can duplicate. I will always be a fan of this author's style of writing and I can't wait to see who we meet next. I will always cherish this story for years to come.

I highly recommend this story to all romance lovers who also love more than just a story, but one with real life events from a real life author.

The author provided me with a digital ARC copy of the book for review purposes only. No remuneration was exchanged.

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