Wednesday, August 10, 2016

FREE KINDLE: Trail of the Raven, Haiti by Chip Davis

Trail of the Raven, Haiti
Trail of Raven, #1
Chip Davis

Jack's life consisted of new schools, in new towns, with the same old problems. The pattern continued until he saw Ana deep in the woods. Through Ana, Jack developed a keen interest in learning who he was and where he came from, his ancestors.

"The best way to learn about your ancestors is to put yourself in the same environment they were in. It isn't enough to know what they did. If you really want to know them, you need to learn about what shaped them into who they were." Those were Ana's words. Her death left Jack with the realizations that he knew little of this amazing woman who was his adopted mother.

The first step of Jack's quest takes him to the last place she visited before his adoption, the island of Haiti. New friends, unexpected events, and the island itself give Jack a greater understanding of Ana, and ultimately himself.

Come with Jack as he begins his Journey.

FREE 8/10-8/15

This book was phenomenal!! I loved not only the story-line, but the journey and educational experience that went with it. Jack is a phenomenal character. I loved his passion and spirit for learning. I also do know what it's like to be treated badly as well and that made my connection with Jack that much closer. I also believe that karma will catch up with you in the end as it did to some of the other characters in the story. I loved Jack's curiosity and enthusiasm too, which made the story that much more lovable as well. I also love how the author incorporated his travels to Haiti and his research into their culture too. This author has a knack for pulling his audience, no matter the age group, into his stories from beginning to end and keep us entertained and intrigued too. I also loved Ana and how she took Jack into her life and loved him and cared for him when no one else wanted him. Both characters had amazingly big hearts and cared for anyone they came across in life. I highly recommend this story not just to Young Adults, but Teens and Adults to enjoy just as much as I did. This was an awesome story and I am super excited about where this author is planning on taking us next on Jack's adventures.

The author provided me with a digital ARC copy of the book for review purposes only. No remuneration was exchanged.

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