Monday, October 24, 2016

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT & REVIEW: Marker of Hope by Nely Cab

Marker of Hope
Creatura #3
Nely Cab

Who will save her from herself?

Upon her return from Greece with three new friends and a broken heart, Isis' hunger for human flesh is stronger than ever. She's a miserable mess after losing David following her betrayal. Her mutation into Creatura is all but over when she receives the surprise of her life, compelling her to seek out David's family. Only, they've broken all ties with her, and she doesn't know how to reach them.

Turpis, the demonic beings that attacked Isis in Greece, have tracked her whereabouts. Now, in order to fend for her life, Isis must join forces with deities she doesn't trust.

Is Isis truly the Marker of Hope as she's believed to be, or will she lose the battle to her starving inner beast and demons, obliterating humankind from existence? Find out in the epic finale of the best-selling CREATURA SERIES.

WOW...What can I say....I am speechless and that doesn't happen very often either. My emotions are on a roller coaster ride right now. I have followed this author since she first published Creatura and I have had the honor of seeing every adventure unfold since the beginning and this author has once again surprised and shocked me in this story. To actually know that this is the end of the adventure for David and Isis makes me sad, but I am happy at how the ending turned out.

The characters are still just as awesome as they have been in the past. Isis has really grown in this story a lot since we met her in Creatura. She is a remarkable character that has an awesome heart for family and friends. Her powers are really awesome too. The love between Isis and David is so incredible, and yet just grows even stronger than before.

The story-line of the book was AMAZING with every shocking twist and turn of each page. I laughed, smiled, and cried throughout this entire story. I was totally entranced by the words coming off the pages that it made it very hard to put down. I even had dreams while sleeping about the story, though I must admit, my dreams outcomes never matched up with the book. There were always new revelations that were brought forth that I was never expecting in every shocking scene that I read. I have literally fallen in love with this last book during every moment that I spent reading it. This author has taken us on a fantastic journey that I will never forget and I will continue finding myself wanting to go back and re-read and never get tired of it. 

I also believe that this would make for an awesome movie and I would fangirl for joy if the time came that it was on the big screen. I give this book not only my five book review but a standing ovation and a huge BRAVO to the author for creating such an awesome world that will be remembered for generations to come. I highly recommend this book and I know in my heart that you love it as much, if not more, than I have. Thank you, Ms. Cab, for the adventure, it was for sure a phenomenal ride.

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