Wednesday, January 18, 2017

REVIEW: Santa's Naughty Eves Anthology

Are you looking for something warm on these cold winter nights? Well look no further.

Come join seven authors as they bring their steamiest stories yet.

The Christmas Eve Confession by K.M. Cox
This was an amazing story.I enjoyed this one a lot. The story had a twisted surprise to it that made me really like it. The outcome was awesome and it was a fantastic way to start off this anthology.

Christmas Must Be Tonight by Ashlei D. Hawley
This was a sexy story, though I thought it was a bit short and hope to read more in the future.

Santa's Secret by Tracy Millosovich
WOW...What a huge and awesome secret in this story!! I really enjoyed it!! Such an awesome plot twist.

A Krampus Kind of Christmas by Bryce Calderwood
Naughty girls gets what's coming to them....This is an amazing and sexy story twisted together with an old legend. I loved it.

Kringle's Nisse by Jessie Wrights
Sexy, seductive, and oh so torturous. I am anxious to read more of these characters.

Lady Grinch by Bryan Tann
What a twisted and amazing story!! I loved how the story started and ended between these two characters.

This Christmas by Alice LaRoux
Sexy, seductive, and a sure fine way to make a person who hates Christmas, change their mind.

Overall review
All-in-all this was an awesome snow melting, panty wetting anthology that I highly recommend!! I give it my five handcuff review!! A must read exotic and erotic ride!!

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