Wednesday, February 1, 2017

RELEASE DAY BLITZ & REVIEW: Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise Athology

Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise Athology

Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise. . . . Waves of New Romantic Releases From Your Favorite Authors onboard a Valentine’s single cruise. 

Too Fast for Love by Lilly Christine- Race Car Driver Luke Devlin’s anger issues bring him to a screeching stop, but Love Expert Lacey Lipinski has the keys to help him recalibrate. Can a cruise ship fling survive life in the fast lane? 

Just One look by Deb Julienne- Diana’s butterfly tattoo could haunt J. J. forever. . In a game of secret identities, JJ Westbrook and Diana Tolliver keep each other guessing. The cruise in the magical Caribbean ends too soon. . How can they return to real life? 

Pirated Pixie by Shea McMaster- Just been stung Dutch Marshal can barely resist petite, fiery redhead Irene McMaster. And then he shares her stateroom. Will a single night of champagne and passion become a match made in heaven? 

Healing Hearts by Michele Shriver- After a bitter divorce and custody battle, Taryn Bradfield’s best friend books her on a singles cruise, where she meets Makai Grant, an airline pilot burnt out on love. Sailing the Caribbean, Taryn and Makai find healing and passion in each other’s arms, but too soon, the ship returns to port. Was it a vacation fling, or the start of something more? 

Cinderella at Sea by Ellen Wilder-Girl next door Manda Reilly discovers country singer Hunter Cross onboard her singles cruise, and finds herself indulging in the exotic. Then she discovers Hunter’s heroism is more than skin-deep. Does the man she’s known forever really love her as she’s dreamed?

As most people know, I am a sucker for YA Paranormal and that is my go to and love genre, but from time-to-time, you will catch me step out of my comfort zone and give other genres a try.....And boy was I glad I gave this one a try....Check out below what I thought of each individual story and my overall thoughts on this Anthology.

Too Fast for Love Lily Christine
WOW....This story was fabulous and fast paced just like the character, Luke. I was addicted from beginning to end. This author has a new fan.

Just One Look Jeb Julienne
WOW...What a fun, sassy, and sexy story this was. This was a dream right out of the pages of a fantasy world that only this author could bring forth. I loved the mystery and the magic that flowed within its pages and embedded itself into my brain. This story has a intriguing and memorable fairy tale twist that I absolutely loved.

Pirated Pixie Shae McMaster
A sexy, fun, quirky, and light-heartened read. I enjoyed the story at the turn of every delectable page.

Healing Hearts Michele Shriver
What a beautiful and romantic story. I really enjoyed it.

Cinderella at Sea Ellen Wilder
This is by far my favorite story of them all. Of course, I am a sucker for a classical fairy tale with a twist and this one won my heart and soul and left a part of me within its pages. This was a memorable and fun tale that has left me craving more about these amazing characters.

Overall, this Anthology was a fantastic and fun read with different authors bringing forth their own fairy tale twists. I loved how each story revolved around the same cruise ship, at different times, with different points of view of how they saw the events and how they became a part of this cruise, and how some of the characters had small rolls to play in each story. This is a mystical and magical cruise line that I will not forget any time soon. I highly recommend this to all to enjoy.

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