Saturday, February 4, 2017

REVIEW: The Reapers by Ali Winters

The Reapers
The Hunter Series Book 1
Ali Winters

The balance of life and death must be kept at all costs.

Having been a reaper as long as she can remember, Nivian knows that what she does is essential in maintaining balance. After being assigned to a rushed mark she finds that there is more to this human than any other she has encountered.

Kain had been living an ordinary life without a second thought until he meets Nivian who turns his world upside down. He is thrust into a world of hunters and reapers. The keepers of life and death have been feuding for centuries over a reason no one can even remember.

With Kain having been marked for reaping, and Nivian being hunted, they forge a friendship and together must find the truth in order to keep balance in check. Wrong choices could destroy everything. As they journey they discover hidden histories, powers, and lies and truths that have been spun since the beginning of time. The consequence of failure, unimaginable.

This was a great story with a unique twist to it. The characters were phenomenal. I loved Nivian. She was a fun and intriguing character that made the story worth reading. The story-line, which I thought was a bit drawn out at times, turned out to be really good in the end. Even though, I may have thought the story was a bit long, I still highly recommend this story, because this is just my opinion. I am also very anxious to see where this author goes with these characters. I give this book a four book review.

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