Friday, March 10, 2017


Hello everybody!! Today was the day to find out who the final nominees are for the Once Upon A Book Author Signing 2017. Congrats to all the nominees and good luck!!!.....

So without further adieu, here are all the categories and the finalists!!

Nominees for Best Book Blog are:
- 2 Girls & a Book, Lynn Shaw
- In Ashley's World, Ashley Cestra
- Black Words-White Pages, Jenny Bynum

Nominees for Die-hard Reader of the Year are: 

Nominees for Sexiest Cover Model are:
Nathan Weller
JJ Butts

Nominees for Fantastical Fantasy Adventure are:
- Rattle the Bones, by Eric Asher
- Prince of Fire, by Megan Louise Linski
- Dark Abigail, by Tish Thawer
- Bellamy and the Brute, by Alicia Michaels (Whitney DeBoe)
- The Desiccated, by N.J. Embers, (Nadia Hasan

Nominees for Most Captivating Young Adult Work are:
- Lucky 13, by Author Rachael Brownell
- Frenzy, by Casey L. Bond
- Tiger Lily, by Wende Smilek Dikec
- Forbidden, by Amy Miles
- Crystal Dreams, by Tracy Millosovich

Nominees for Bodacious Book Blurb are:
- Sexiest Dad Alive, by M. Clarke (Mary Ting)
- MayDay, by Casey L. Bond
- Daughters of Maine, by Tish Thawer
- Rhodi's Light, by Megan Louise Linski
- The Desiccated, by N.J. Embers (Nadia Hasan

Nominees for Sizzling Romance of the Year are:
- Sexiest Dad Alive, by M. Clarke (Mary Ting)
- Traveller, by Abigail Drake
- Ice, by Amy Pacifico Cecil
- Forever Baby, by Ellie Wade
- Freelance, by Becca Vincenza

Nominees for Movie-worthy Book Trailer are:
- The Rhodi Saga, by Megan Louise Linski
- The Sisters' Grimoire, by Suza Kates
- Sexiest Man Alive, by M. Clarke (Mary Ting
- Traveller, by Abigail Drake
- Wither, by Amy Miles

Nominees for Gripping Standalone Novel are:
- Chasing Fate, by Author Rachael Brownell
- Ice, by Amy Pacifico Cecil
- Untangling the Stars, by Alyse Miller (Lala Ryan)
- 99 Days, by AnnaLisa Grant
- How I Learned to Shine Again, byMichelle Files

Nominees for Most Enticing Book Cover are:
- Keeper of Crows, by Casey L. Bond
- Loving London, by Ellie Wade
- Rattle the Bones, by Eric Asher
- Untangling the Stars, by Alyse Miller (Lala Ryan)
- The Desiccated, by N.J. Embers (Nadia Hasan

The Nominees for Sweetest Children's Book of the Year are:
- Mermaids Can Ride Bicycles by Deedle Miyares (mom Delphina Miyares
- The Trickster by LG Miles (mom Amy Miles
- Trouble in Alaska by Wake Ryan (momLala Ryan)

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