Wednesday, March 15, 2017

REVIEW: Nailed It by Amy Miles

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Nailed It
Amy Miles

Today’s writers deal with pressures from all sides: to publish quickly, to stay seen in an over flooded market, to keep their readers happy and to find a way to earn enough money to keep following their dreams.

Writing is not easy. It can be lonely, disheartening and it is easy to feel buried by the very thing you were once passionate about. NAILED IT is 150 inspirations, mantras, mottos or quirky sayings that I have used in my personal bouts with burnout. I hope that they will encourage you, inspire you and remind you that although writing is many times a solo endeavor, writers all around the world understand the pressure you feel to succeed.

You are not alone.

“If at first you don’t succeed, change your view on what defines success.” ~ Amy Miles

HOLY COW!!!! This Author REALLY "Nailed It" big time!! So much awesome information and advise all rolled into one fabulous read. I laughed, smiled, and even had a tear in my eye while reading this. It was such a fun read!! Miles hit on some major points for Authors and anyone who is looking to become an Author. She even threw in some everyday advise too. I believe that this Author should make a calendar with all this awesome advise and words of wisdom added to it as a daily reminder of struggling Authors, and I would buy one for everyone of my Authors as a present!! This is great advise to help boost ones self-esteem and I HIGHLY recommend this read to EVERYBODY!!! Miles not only gets my five book (star) review but a standing ovation for writing this amazing book!! Great wisdom and a fun read!! A MUST READ!!


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