Thursday, August 17, 2017

REVIEW: Ascension: The Chosen by E.H. James

Jesse returns from India, ten years later, in his arms a Katemara. But he is not returning to the world he left. Demons are possessing humans on a regular basis. Committing crimes and leaving the humans to suffer the consequences, the demons are amassing huge sums of money. 

Left to wonder what the demons could be plotting, Jesse knows they are after more than just mischief, pain, and pleasure. But when Cole confesses to one of Starke’s murders, believing himself responsible for not having stopped Starke, Jesse and the gang have more than just demons to worry about. And when overwhelmed by demons bent on killing them, they must run. 

Will Jesse take his rightful place as the chosen one, or will the demon occupation prevent the ascension? 


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This was another amazing story with complex details to it, but not too much that it made the story boring.

The characters were the same and just as awesome as before. I still felt a connection with the characters.

The story-line, though very complex, was an incredible read. I love how the author takes us into a different place that no other author has been before. A place into many past parts of the previous books, which made this a unique and fascinating story. I am curious about where this author will take us next and I highly recommend it. I do recommend that mature 18 and older read this story due to the graphic scenes in the story.


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