Thursday, August 17, 2017

REVIEW: Deep Waters by Alicia Rades

Deep Waters
Alicia Rhades

Bree Waters thought she knew all of Sea Haven's secrets, but she was wrong. 

The residents of Sea Haven have spent generations hiding the fact that they're descended from powerful creatures of the deep. Their ancestors are supposed to be extinct—at least, that's what Bree's been told. When Bree finds a merman washed ashore after a harsh storm, she begins to uncover secrets the city council is determined to keep hidden. 

Banished from the town she thought she knew and stripped of her beloved magic, Bree must team up with a man from her past if she has any hope of restoring her powers. But fighting back only sends Bree on a quick course toward deep waters—and deep waters are never easy to escape.

This book was so much fun to read and such a refreshing new style of writing by this author. 

The characters were awesome and the story-line was phenomenal. Rades, has once again, won me over with her way with words and the characters in this story. I loved how the author kept me guessing from beginning to end and kept me asking questions until the time was right to give me my answers. 

This story allowed my imagination to run wild within the magic that flowed within the pages of this book. This is by far my favorite story and I highly recommend it.

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