Wednesday, September 27, 2017

REVIEW: Shadows by Jules Nelson

Take a trip back in history.. to a small farm in Michigan... and meet Emma Fern Wells. Emma lives a peaceful life. Her days are filled with caring for her Da and two brothers. She has no time to socialize. At 18, most of her friends are already married. Emma has accepted that she has little chance of being courted with her heavy workload. And, even though, she feels content with caring for her loving family, Emma is lonely.But the day a young man rescues Emma from a scoundrel in town, everything changes. Soon her life is filled with laughter, joy -- and worry. When Emma's family notices these changes in her, it brings forth troubles of their own.As Emma struggles to follow God's will, she comes to realize that God does not simply guide us by events along our path......sometimes you are guided by the shadows...

As most people who follow my blog knows that I am YA Paranormal kind of girl, but from time-to-time, I set out of my comfort zone and read other genres. This is one story that I am so glad to have given it a chance. It's a beautiful story with a shocking surprise to it.

At first, when I started this book, I had trouble understanding why the author chose this particular title for her book. It just didn't seem to fit at the beginning, but then as I kept reading and got to part II everything came together and I started to understand.

The characters in this story were amazing. I loved reading about Emma and learning what a women went through in that particular era. I also felt as if I could connect this character. I found myself feeling what she was feeling and a few times, I actually teared up and cried with her. I was completely enchanted by this story.

The story-line was refreshing. I felt as if I was taken on a remarkable journey and setting that this book took place in. It was such a heartfelt and incredible story and I highly recommend it.

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