Tuesday, November 21, 2017

BLOG POST: The Gracious Wife: Being Her Husband's Crown by RaeBeth McGee-Buda

***Winner in the 2017 Cover Contest with Authordb.com.***

Marriage can be surreal, unpredictable, and enticing all at the same time. We find and fall in love with our best friend, and all of our dreams seem to be coming true. We've heard of the princess being rescued by her prince and they ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, this isn't how marriage is in real life, especially when you're trying to be what God has called you to be. Marriage is two self-centered individuals coming together to live as one.

Given all the foes and dips that may come with marriage, this book gives the basic understanding of marriage the way God intended and not as the way fairy tales has made it out to be. It's meant to help wives be more self-sacrificial toward their husband by acting in grace, love, and forgiveness. In this journey with our best friends, we can work toward being more humbling and giving. It takes more than love alone for a great marriage. The basis of a great marriage starts with a strong spiritual foundation, a strong friendship which grew into a strong romance, along with tons of work, sacrifices, and submission by both partners to make it last.

This book provides Rae-Beth's opinion with communication, getting through the tough times, fair fighting, and keeping God the center of the marriage. Dive in and see marriage from one wife's perspective.

This book really touched me and my life. This author has relayed an important message to not just married women, but women of all walks of life. This book has opened my eyes to things that I would have never realized that I may have been doing in my relationship. As I read this story, I would stop and ponder things after I finished each chapter, thinking that 'Yes, that is me and I need to change'. I love this author's style of writing, because when she writes, you listen, learn, and try to add it to your everyday life. She also makes you stop for just a moment to realize that not only did she make changes in her life, but that maybe, just maybe, we may need to do the same thing too. The suggestions that are made in this book are incredible and worth taking into consideration. It also makes you take note that you may very well be doing the same things and not really noticing it. I, myself, will continue to go back and use what I learned from this book to make my relationship with my boyfriend better and stronger, so this way we are better prepared when that time comes that we get married. I applaud this author for this amazing book and give it my five book review. I highly recommend this read!!

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