Wednesday, January 3, 2018

REVIEW: The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman

The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman
Brady G. Stefani

Fifteen year old Courtney wants to be normal like her friends. But there’s something frighteningly different about her—

My grandpa Dahlen was crazy. According to my mom, anyway. I was seven when he had me tattooed, and then tried to drown me in his bathtub to escape the bad men. Whether his obsession with alien visitors drove him over the edge or he just knew things we didn’t, I can’t say.

He used to tell me things, though. Things that normal people would never believe. Secrets about an ancient alien-human bloodline, covert societies, and wormholes to the alien universe.

My grandpa’s dead. But people still say that I have his same silvery-blue eyes. What they don’t know is, I inherited far more from him than just his eyes. 


2017 Independent Press Awards Winner - New Fiction
2017 Independent Press Awards Distinguished Favorite- Science Fiction
2017 Reader Views Awards Finalist - Mystery/Thriller/ Suspense/ Horror 
2016 New Apple Annual Book Awards: :Young Adult Science Fiction solo Medalist Winner

2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Finalist in the First Novel category
2016Readers’ Favorite Awards Finalist in Young Adult Fiction

Wow…This is one story that I have never read before. No wonder it has won two awards. This is an Indie Book Awards Finalist and a Reader’s Favorite.
The characters were phenomenal. So many secrets about characters kept my head reeling and intrigued. Courtney is such a strong character. She is tough and headstrong. Everything that happened to her didn’t knock her down, it just made her push even harder to find out the truth.

The story-line. I Have no words for it, but it was magical and had an amazing alien twist that made the story unique and refreshing. It is one that I have not read before. This author was a genus with the unfolding of each event and kept me on the edge of my seat guessing. The author also released certain information at just right times to make me think that I had it all figured out and then find out that I was totally wrong. I was completely hooked from beginning to end. This author did a spectacular job of creating a world that has yet to be discovered. The technology and imagination in this story was just incredible. This is such an amazing journey into the mind of a girl who can’t define who she truly is, and I enjoyed following this character as she unraveled a deep secret of who she truly was and I highly recommend this read. Just phenomenal.

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