Thursday, January 25, 2018

REVIEW: Chance Encounters or Destiny (Paranormal Short Story from Wendy Lovetiggi, Beloved Blogger)

Chance Encounters or Destiny

Paranormal Short Story from Wendy Lovetiggi, Beloved Blogger

W. H. Nielson
Original Publisher: Bayou Brew Publishing (2013)
Republished: CHBB Publishing (2018)

Dive into this vivid, supernatural short story penned by a beloved blogger and supporter of Indie authors, Wendy Lovetiggi. She loved her community of authors, artists, and bloggers, and they loved her. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the benefit of Wendy's family to aid in the expenses of her unexpected passing. 
She will be loved forever and not forgotten.

I felt free as a bird flying in the air-total exhilaration. -Shilo Sandoval

This was an amazing short story!! I absolutely loved this story about Greek Gods and Paranormal phenomena.

The characters were phenomenal. I felt as if I could connect with Shilo and the life she lead.

The story-line was awesome! I loved the twist and turns of the story, which was unexpected. I highly recommend this read!!

This author maybe gone but this story will continue to live on.

Rest in Peace, my Friend, until we meet again!!