Thursday, January 11, 2018

REVIEW: A Soul's Sacrifice by Victoria Flynn

A Soul's Sacrifice
The Voodoo Revival #1
Victoria Flynn

Maya Thibodeau was just your average college graduate trying to make it in this world, finding a job and living life with her best friend until they came. Shadows that shouldn’t exist threaten everything Maya holds dear. 

When danger comes knocking and Maya must take action, the mysterious man she met at a bar may hold the key. Will the secrets buried in her past come back to haunt her? Will she be able to give up everything she thought she knew and accept what’s right in front of her? 

Can she accept her birthright and defeat the dark forces conspiring against her before they lose the battle for New Orleans and the very souls of those who reside there?


What an amazing story. I loved every minute of it.

The characters were incredible. Each character had so many dark secrets that were hidden until just the right moment when the author was ready to reveal them. Maya was such a strong willed character. I absolutely loved her courage to take on anything that was thrown at her. I loved reading about this character. Rhys was such a sexy and protective character which made me fall for him just as Maya did. And mama was, well just......cryptic yet a lot of fun to read.

The story-line was phenomenal. There was a lot of mystery and magic with this story that kept me craving to read more. This author had so many secrets stored within this story's pages and would only give us the outcomes when she was ready which is why I needed to continue to read the story. Once everything came together everything made sense too. I was completely enchanted by this powerful story and I highly recommend it.

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