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REVIEW: Paranormal Detectives Series by Lily Luchesi

Stake Out
Paranormal Detectives Book 1

Detective Danny Mancini is on a case, following a murder suspect. When he catches him, he finds out that the perp isn't even human: he's a 200 year old rogue vampire!

The department doesn't believe him, and puts him on early retirement, despite his many years of service to the Chicago Police Department, which sends him into a downward spiral.

Two years later, Danny gets an invitation from the beautiful, young and very attractive Detective Angelica Cross to join a secret branch of the FBI to help her track down Vincent, the wayward vamp.

But renegade werewolves, meddling immortal witches and Danny's strange visions of a life lived a century ago with Angelica make things more difficult than it should be.

What an amazing story this was! This author has a new fan!!

The characters were phenomenal! The story between Danny and Angelica felt so real. I had become connected with feelings that both characters went through. I felt so bad for Danny and how conflicted his feelings were for Angelica. He was for sure fighting his own inner demons along with the real ones. And Angelica, well, she was such a strong character with a soft heart. These two characters just made the perfect couple.

The story-line was remarkable. I am beginning love Investigation stories with a Paranormal twist thanks to this story alone. This author did an incredible job of keeping me in suspense and on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I loved how the author captured the character's past while still in the present time and how everything just fell in together the more I read this story. I also felt as if I was part of the story. I could picture everything so clearly as if I was watching a movie in my head. I highly recommend this read.

Miranda's Rights
Paranormal Detectives Book 2

The dead don’t always rest easy...
Retired detective, Danny Mancini, is haunted by nightmares after he found out that paranormal creatures exist. All he wants is to forget them…especially a certain half-vampire. When cursed werewolves show up trying to kill him, he is forced to go back to the Paranormal Investigative Division for help against a powerful old enemy. What he was not expecting was a dead ex showing back up after twenty-six years.

HOLY COW!!! This story shocked me to the core!!

The characters are awesome just as they were in book 1. I still love this romantic love story between Danny and Angelica.They are quite the pair. Also, reading about Miranda was an amazing twist.

The story-line was phenomenal. I was completely blown away by all the twists and turns throughout this story. There were so many shocking and incredible scenes that I never saw coming until they happened. This is by far my favorite read and I am only into book 2!!

Life Sentence
Paranormal Detectives Book 3

She can fight evil, but can she fight the darkness in her own blood?

After the disastrous events with Miranda have subsided, Danny and Angelica have to adjust to a new kind of life at the Paranormal Investigative Division.

Fiona is still on the loose, and she has all of Hell on her side. Danny begins to enhance his psychic abilities with the help of a soul just like his. Angelica is caught between a rock and a very dark place.

Can their love survive these new trials, or will the past tear them apart?

WOW. What another incredible and twisted adventure!

The characters are still awesome and amazing. The ups and downs between Angelica and Danny while fighting Fiona and her evilness still makes them the most fantastic couple and team.

The story-line had me on the edge of my seat and kept me wanting to read more. I just couldn't put it down!! The author did a fantastic job at pulling me in, asking questions and pondering about what would happen next. And cliffhangers are really not my thing because I end up twiddling my fingers until the next book, but I will wait for it just because I am so into this series. I WANT MORE!!!

Right to Silence
Paranormal Detectives Book 4

The truth can be deadly.

In the first of this two-part novel, we learn the history of hunters Brighton Sands and Mark Evans in their two lifetimes, culminating in their final battle with the insane vampire they have been hunting for centuries.

In the second part, with Angelica Cross still on the run, multiple vampiric murders lead to the kidnapping of a famous vamp. Detective Danny Mancini must drag a mortal into the bowels of Hell in order to rescue her.

But why does Leander Price want her so badly, and what does she have to do with an ancient vampire prophecy?

This is by far my favorite read of them all!!

The characters in this story were remarkable and still made me fall in love with them even more. I even loved learning about lifetime history of the love between Brighton Sands and Mark Evans and also the twisted Leander Price and how they all become part of the story.

The story-line was phenomenal. The author was a pure genus bringing forth the story of Brighton and Mark, and letting us not only get their backstory, but allowing us to live in their reincarnated love story. Also throwing in parts of how Leander Price became part of these characters lives was another real shocker too. There were lots of sadness in this story. My heart simply broke for these characters. I literally cried from beginning to end of this book. And like before, this cliffhanger has me craving more once again and once again, I will wait. 

Last Rites
Paranormal Detectives Book 5

Power is the deadliest desire.

With Leander put to rest and the Paranormal Investigative Division taken care of by the Coven Mistress, Danny and Angelica are finally ready to take some time for themselves while Angelica gets used to her new role as the Empress and they make their relationship official.

When people close to Angelica are murdered by what seems to be a rogue vampire, their sabbatical is cut short in order for her to find the perp and execute him or her.

But this is no ordinary vampire. When the truth is revealed and secrets come to light, it will prove to be Danny's biggest test of faith yet, and Angelica's reckoning of her past, present, and future. Most of all it will raise a single question: just what makes a monster?

What an amazing ride this was! It was so full of emotions.

The characters were remarkable once again. I have loved the romance between Danny and Angelica throughout the entire series, but this one just brought me to my knees. The strength of their relationship was even more stronger than ever before, even though there were some rough patches. And that ever stopped them from coming back together again. I felt the connection of these characters in this story. The feelers just floated off of the page and left me with a happy heart.

The story-line was phenomenal. The things that happened in this story was so addicting and so shocking that it left me at times with a broken heart. This was a powerful story!! I really loved the ending of this story too. The guy really did get the girl!! And I know that this is not the end of the road for these characters and I can't wait to see where this author takes us next.

My final thoughts
This was such an incredible adventure!! So many things happened and it never once let me down or bored me. I have loved this entire series and each character as the stories unfolded. I highly recommend this series to all Adult Paranormal Lovers, though I strongly suggest that reader discretion is advised.

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