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REVIEW: Abby and the Mystic Dancers & Abby and the Cursed Emblem by L.C. Miller

Abby and the Mystic Dancers

As the product of a forbidden alliance between the elemental Mystics and the wand carrying Wielders—two distinct, often feuding, magical realms—acceptance is something fourteen-year-old Abby has fought with for the last four years. When an alliance is formed between the Mystic Dancers and the Wielder’s, Abby is given the chance to live with a Wielder’s family and attend Wielders Academy of Magical Arts. In order to do so, she first has make three promises to the Mystic Dancers leader … Tell no one she's half Mystic, that her father is a Wielder who is also a wanted criminal, or that she can transform into anything she wants.

Her day-to-day life of secrets, school work, and dancing is interrupted when her mother’s murder case goes to trial. The Mystics believe they finally caught the killer, who happens to be the father of one of Abby’s new friends. Abby has a choice to make – reveal her secrets, or let a man she knows is innocent go to prison.

Such a magical story.

The characters were amazing. I loved reading about Abby. She was so full of light and incredible energy that I couldn't help but fall in love with her and her story. This girl didn't have an easy life either but that just made her even stronger.

The story-line was incredible and had a powerful message behind it. It doesn't matter who you are or what you are but what is inside that matters. I was completely hooked to this story. I actually couldn't put it down. I made a real connection with this story and the characters within it. It truly is a magical and yet powerful read all rolled into one and I highly recommend it!! I can't wait to read book 2 either to see where this author will take us next!!

 Abby and the Cursed Emblem

Returning to Wielders Academy of Magical Arts as a 5th year student, Abby continues to dance with the Mystic Dancers. Soon her life as the ‘Unofficial Mystic’ and Wielder begins to overlap. After the death of her friend, her life spirals downward as Dancers are suddenly coming down with mysterious illnesses that affect each Dancer differently. 

Staying on top of her classes, practicing protective dances, and caring for her fallen Dancers, finds Abby fighting to keep her life together. Discovering the cause of their illnesses, Abby and her friends race to save them before Abby succumbs to the illness herself.

What an amazing story.

The characters were incredible. I really enjoyed reading more about Abby and her friends. I was completely devastated about one certain character in the story but you will have to read it to find out what I am talking about. But I will add that I did cry like a baby and felt my heart crack during this scene in the book... 

The story-line was phenomenal. I really wish there was a bit more information about the cursed emblems and felt that the ending was a bit rushed. But I was completely hooked to the story from beginning to end. It was such a fun adventure and I can't wait to see what adventures awaits Abby and her friends. I recommend this read.

About the Author

L. C. Miller is a USA today best selling author and has been writing in her down time since 2006.

Fantasy, Magic, and mayhem are some of her favorite things to write. She will be releasing three books in 2018 - Abby and the Cursed Emblem (book 2 to Abby and the Mystic Dancers), a short story in a paranormal anthology, and possibly another Cloverfield Collections Story-this one of werewolves and witches (This could come out late 2018/early 2019)!

You can find L.C. Miller on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Amazon.

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