Friday, October 19, 2018

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Radioactive by H.G. Lynch

H.G. Lynch

The world ended...

Now, humanity survives on scraps, beaten into corners of old cities by Rads - radioactive zombies, a fallout of the nuclear war. 

In the year 2187, Scotland is one of the last homes to civilization, but the country is run by a corrupt, dictatorial government who utilize brutal police forces known as Shapers. 

Andy survives by trading trinkets for food, and relying on nobody but herself, her best friend, and her Uncle...until Shayne saves her life in an encounter with the Rads.

But Shayne isn't the hero he appears to be. He hides a dark past, and his interest in Andy isn't innocent. He's part of a rebellion trying to take down the government - and they want to use Andy to do it. 

If she wants to live, Andy will have to fight zombies, cruel political leaders, and her growing attraction to the mysterious hottie, Shayne.

$2.99 or Free on KU


I bounce my foot once last time, and break into a sprint, ignoring the pain in my leg. The gravel crunches loudly under my feet, my usual stealth ruined by my awkward gait, and my blood pounds in my ears. I’m one-step away from the edge when I realise I don’t have the speed I need, but I can’t stop now. If I try, my momentum will only carry me over the edge, so I hold my breath and propel myself into the air with as much force as I can muster. I stretch out my arms, reaching desperately for the rebar as it comes closer and closer—not close enough.
My heart sinks as my fingertips pass through the air, inches from the rebar. I squeeze my eyes shut, unable to even scream, as I drop like a stone toward the broken concrete below. I have only a second, as I fall, to think that this is going to hurt like a bitch.
And then…thud. I jerk to a stop, my head whipping back on my neck, and a bolt of pain shooting up my leg. It takes me a second to realise that I didn’t hit the pavement. I’ve landed in somebody’s arms.
With the air knocked out of me from the impact, and my heart galloping so fast I feel as if I might have a heart attack, I peel my eyes open and look up at my saviour. Steely grey eyes meet mine, and a jolt of realisation strikes me, closely followed by a flare of fury. The guy from the warehouse just saved my life — again.


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