Friday, June 14, 2019

COVER REVEAL: Genesis by Jessica Cage




by Jessica Cage

Even the darkest of souls are affected by the light.

A demon from the hellscape known as The Bane, Genesis was tasked with corrupting an innocent soul. His refusal to comply resulted in his punishment.

He would be given one chance to redeem himself - a mission that would put him back in good standing. He reluctantly accepted  the order because a trip to Earth was a better deal than a century locked away in hell.

What was a simple task turned complicated when he encountered her. Rose.

Genesis has a decision to make -  finish the mission and give the boss what he wants or disobey orders and face the hell fires of The Bane.

Genesis is the fifth installment of the Djinn Rebellion series by USA Today Bestselling Author, Jessica Cage.


“I really hope that it was worth it.” The anger in her voice burned just about as much as the fire that dragged across his skin. “You risked everything, and for what? Some pathetic human woman!”

“What do you want me to say? Are your feelings hurt? You, the hunter who feels nothing, and only takes pleasure for yourself,” he snapped back at her, and the chains holding his hand rattled.

“You’re going to burn here, for an eternity. I hope you understand that.” Her laughter was laced with the toxic satisfaction of knowing that he’d finally reached the end of the leash she always felt had been cut too long, and it was choking him out.

“Yeah, and I’m fine with that.” He grunted and fell back against the wall. “Maybe now I’ll get some peace and quiet.”

“You’re an idiot and an asshole!” She screamed before she turned and stomped out of the room. With each heavy footfall came more of the string of slurs that were eventually cut out by the massive iron door slamming shut behind her.

As the darkness took hold of the room, Genesis quickly became lost in his own thoughts, his memories, and the images he wished were horrible nightmares that he could erase from his mind. The sweet, beautiful markings of her.

It was never his intention to hurt Rose, to break her heart. It was a mission, one he didn’t want to accept, but had no choice. The deal had been struck, and who better to fulfill it than a demon from the depths of hell?  

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