Wednesday, June 5, 2019

REVIEW: Drained by G. K. Curry

Welcome back to our final week for this Debut Author, G.K. Curry!! This is what you all have been waiting for...My review of Drained!! So without further adieu, let's go.....

G.K. Curry

Six gruesome murders. 

Six crime scenes with no evidence. 

And a killer who's more than your typical monster. 

When detectives Shaun Hawthorne and Danny Viviani are called to the scene of a homicide, they realize it's the work of a serial killer. Just like the others, she's been stabbed in the neck and drained of brain fluid. 

To solve the case, they'll have to peer into the mind of a murderer who is anything but human. As Shaun and Danny dive deeper into the mystery, they discover that there's a darker side to the world. A side full of magic and monsters. 

And now they've become the prey. 

Can Shaun and Danny survive long enough to catch the killer, or will they become the next victims? 
You'll die over this paranormal crime mystery because of the non-stop action and the jaw dropping twists. 


Wow, what an amazing Mystery story this was.

The characters were phenomenal. I loved reading about Detective Hawthorne and his adventure in this story. He was such a fantastic character to get to know.

The story-line was incredible. I am completely in awe at this story. Even though this is a debut author, Curry wrote this story like he has been publishing books for many years. There was action, suspense, and mystery throughout this story that I became extremely addicted. I wanted to help solve the crime right along with the characters. I found myself saying "OMG" and gasping out loud and I literally got worried about the characters. I could feel the intensity building up in the story the more I read it. My heart was literally pounding out of my chest and I was on the edge of my seat as the story progressed. This debut author has gained a new fan and I highly recommend this read!!


GK Curry is an actuary for health care benefits with his ASA. When he isn’t writing or working full-time, you can find him spending time with his wife, four daughters, and four pets. He enjoys playing and coaching sports and watching crime dramas to spark his imagination. Drained is his first novel.


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