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Welcome back to our last week with Prometheus Susan and this week I am sharing my review of Forbidden Desires!! So without further adieu, let's get to it!!!

Desperate to break free from her father’s oppressive control, Nella hides the dragon side of her as she settles into the tiny town of Spring Lake. But in the process of renovating the bar she bought, she finds more than she bargained for in making her dream a reality. Namely, discovering her two true mates.

Jackson is a sheriff.
Jake a rancher.
Both are wolf-shifters.
A fact that will make steam shoot from her father’s ears.

To Nella’s ultimate delight, she quickly learns these sizzlingly hot twins are ready and willing to generously share... everything. Will Nella put aside her forbidden desires to fit into the role her father is forcing upon her? Or, embrace her chance for a blissful future?

What an amazing read this was!! This book kept me totally hooked from beginning to end!!

The characters were phenomenal!! I love getting to know Nella and her story. She was a sexy, sassy and dangerous character who was so brave and the way she kept herself and her dragon in control was awesome and that made me love her that much more. The twins, Jake and Jackson were also sexy and cared for their family and Nella so much and they made my heart full of joy to see them and their family treat Nella and her family as theirs.

The story-line kept me wanting to read more. It was full of shocking moments with suspense and a bit of humor. I was completely drawn into the story from the beginning and I just couldn't put the story down. The story just flowed off the pages as I read it and I highly recommend this read!!

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