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☠️☠️☠️ EXCERPT: AMERICAN HANDMAIDENS by P Mattern ☠️☠️☠️

Welcome back to Black Words-White Pages!! Today we are sharing a never before seen sneak peek excerpt to P Mattern's soon to release story, American Handmaidens!!! So scroll down and check it out!!

by P Mattern
Published by CHBB Publishing
Cover Artist: Rue Volley
Release Day: 11.19.2020


I am excited. My father, a tall, handsome WWII vet who returned home to land a government job is taking his old boxing gloves out of the top of the hall closet.

He tells my sister and I that he used to box in the army, and did pretty well at it. I am excited because in the post war era boxing is on TV every Friday and it looks like fun, dancing around and throwing punches as well as blocking them.

He gets down the slightly dusty boxes and proceeds to lace up the smaller of the pair on me. I feel powerful just having the leather gloves hanging from my spindly arms.

I am six years old, my younger sister Lyn is three and a half, and looks on with wide cornflower blue eyes. She is beautiful, like a seraphim, with perfect blonde corkscrew curls and dimples.

I am the plain sister, the one strangers never notice. My grandmother on my mother’s side notices this, takes me aside, and tells me not to worry because I am’ distinguished looking.’

My father has finished lacing his own gloves on, and he gives my sister a bell to ring to signal the first round as we square off in opposite corners of the living room.

My entire body thrums with excitement. This is an unprecedented special event. I  am particularly impressed by the fact that my father makes it clear that he WANTS me to take a shot at him and land some punches.

I am thinking this is very cool.

My father has taken off his shirt. He is a mechanical engineer and works on huge machines at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington D.C. He is very muscular, with well developed biceps and pecs, and he looks excited too as he gives my sister a nod to ring the bell for the first round.

I run to the center, swinging haphazardly for all I am worth. My father laughs and easily blocks my punches. I laugh too.

And then he moves in more closely and starts punching me, and I stop laughing.

His first punch catches me in the jaw and knocks my head back. I am startled, and drop my gloves so that his next punch also lands cleanly on my forehead.

I feel dizzy. He doesn’t stop but begins punching me in the chest and stomach. The stomach punch knocks the breath out of me, and I fall backwards on my rear end on the carpet.

I hear my sister scream as I shake my head. Just like in the cartoons, I think I see rotating circles with birdies flying around. I look up through my disoriented haze and see that my sister has jumped up on my father’s back, and she is still screaming.


My father looks irritated. He is sweating and breathing very heavily. With a disgusted look on his face, he jerks me to my feet and removes my gloves, and as he does that he looks me in the eye.

“Remember this,” he says, ”Remember that you better always do as I say because you can never beat me. Do you understand me Trish?”

I nod, humiliated. I never landed one punch. I believe him.

WOW, that a powerful excerpt and has made me curious to read more!! Let us know in the comments about how excited you are for this release!! It releases on 11.19.2020!!

Author Bio

Amazon #1 and Top 100 Bestselling and Award Winning author P. Mattern wrote stories to entertain classmates in elementary school and won awards for fiction and poetry while attending college. After being laid off from her professional job in Mental Health, she began writing down all the stories she'd been carrying around in her head and had made outlines for in earnest.

Inspired by Anne Rice and her handicapped son, World of Azglen was born. About a widow and her adult handicapped son who becomes brainy and strong after being bitten by a vampire, it became the first installment of the #1 Amazon bestselling Full Moon Series! Soon her children, J.C. Estall and Marcus Mattern, joined her in writing the Full Moon Series, Amazon Bestselling Andy of the Damned, Strident House, #1 Bestseller Shock of Night, Forest of Bleeding Trees and many others. This family writing dynasty is currently working on Book Seven of the Full Moon Series, a dystopic novel, Andy of the Damned Book Two, and finishing the last installment of Vampire Princess (the Arctic Circle Series).

P. Mattern is a member of Thriller Writers Association. Her work has appeared in numerous ezines and anthologies; (Girls Rock Horror Harder, The Animal Horror Collection, Painted Mayhem Horror Anthology, Mystical Magical, Erotic Exotic Paranormal, and Santa's Naughty List. She has two books under Booktrope Publishers's Forsaken imprint and a contract with Tell-Tale Publishing.

P. Mattern lives in the Midwest and is currently involved with one of her characters. ("It's complicated.")

Winner Second Place Scariest Story Contest /Tell-Tale Publishing 2015 for 'Terrible Choices.


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