Monday, June 3, 2013

The Star By C. Warner-Thompson

The Star
Published: May 30, 2013 
Words: 97,527 (approximate)
Language: English

ISBN: 9781301862474
Abbii had been afraid of the dark for four long years. She hated the eerie silence that filled the night. She would often try to forget by closing her eyes at night, but she would always be met by dreams of Shadows that would attack her, dragging her into the Darkness. Most nights, she would simply lie there with her bedding wrapped tightly around her,hoping that she would drift off into a dreamless sleep. Ever since that day four years ago, the dark had frightened her; she had thought it would be a curse throughout the whole of her life, but something changed when she met him. The dark seemed to lose its power and the moon’s light brightened. Her dreams didn’t stop; nightmares still stole her sleep, but there was always a figure of Light that would save her and allow her to wake. He would often extend his hand. She thought that he was part of her imagination, someone that she had created to save herself, until she met him and was drawn into his bright hazel eyes. His name was Nate.


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Clemy Warner-Thompson
With ambitions of writing running through parts of my family, I have continued in our search for developing our own unique imagination. From the age of 13 when I began to research and aspire to write this novel, I expanded my writing ability through poems and short stories alongside my art and design through further education. Although an overall of 6 years has been used to maximize this novels potential, I am pleased with the world I have created within the pages. I have not just used my imagination but also parts of my reality perceived through my thoughts.
Within this novel and ones to follow in this series, the elements of Light and Darkness, Good Versus Evil and the bonds of family and friendship are written to the strength that flows through me as a writer; but also as a Sister, Daughter, Best friend and so much more.

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