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Mandy McKinney lives the charmed life. She is beautiful, athletic, popular, dating the hottest jock in school, and certainly doesn’t have any time for her loser twin sister. But Mandy also has a secret. When the truth is unveiled, her world is twisted upside down, and her very life is at stake.
Mandy’s twin sister, Brianna, has never had any success in the dating department. When Brianna finally meets the guy of her dreams, it turns out that he has secrets of his own. Dangerous secrets. Just her luck.
The twins are about to be swept away into a world of beauty and power beyond their wildest imaginations where nothing is what is seems, danger is lurking in the shadows, and their only chance of survival is finding themselves, and each other, once again.

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Licinia watched the kiss from her vantage point atop the McKinney rooftop. Disgust and jealousy burned like venom beneath her skin. For days, she had been trying to figure out what he saw in the McKinney girl, but she just didn’t get it. She was so plain, so ordinary, so human, a sad excuse for a witch. 
Licinia watched as the silly girl practically skipped out of Jared’s car and into her home. Using her supernatural senses, she could hear as Brianna ascended the steps and closed the door to her bedroom. Licinia effortlessly levitated two floors above the ground, hovering outside Brianna’s window. The dope was curled up in bed cuddling her dumb stuffed tiger. Licinia smirked, and touched the window frame. It was a shame that she couldn’t come inside without an invitation. Without stupid vampire limitations, Brianna would have never seen the morning light. Although it wouldn’t be tonight, the time would come. Brianna would pay.
Jared deserved someone so much better. Someone stunning,charming, sophisticated, charismatic, and powerful. It was a tall order, but Licinia knew someone who fit the bill. She would have Jared.
For decades, Licinia had studied the prophecies. She was prepared for war. When the time came, she wanted her man at her side. Where she could stand beside him as his queen, and they could rule together, in darkness.

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About The Author
Alison F. Prince is a school psychologist in northern New Jersey.  In Shadows of Magic is her debut release.

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