Monday, July 6, 2015

BLOG TOUR: Spyder by David Fingerman

David Fingerman
Genre- Suspense 

Meet Spyder-a street-wise antihero of inner city society. Experience his strange wisdom, and his twisted sense of humor.Thirty-year-old Spyder doesn't waste time thinking how much lower he can sink. When he finds his girlfriend dead as the result of drugs he supplied, Spyder contemplates his life and decides it's time to do what he's avoided most of his days-join mainstream society. All he needs to do is kick the drug habit, find a job, a place to live, and earn some money. Easy. He's done it hundreds of times, but never all at once. As always, Fate steps in and knees him in the groin. All the dregs he's ever known want their say. George won't stop his pestering, Sal needs a huge favor, Coon is hunting for a certain arachnid, and Spyder's dealer doesn't want to lose one of his best customers. As things spiral out of control, Spyder tangles himself in a web so tight that even he might never be able to escape.

Please tell us about yourself using 3 adjectives, 1 quirk and a pop culture addiction

  1. Shy (really)
  2. Warped
  3. Funny (although, people often get that confused with warped)

Quirk ~ I’m the only Jew I know who likes to listen to Gregorian Chants

Pop culture addiction ~ Does addicted to email count?

Who do you consider the most swoon-worthy man/woman in the literary world? How about on tv/in the movies?

Wow ~ That’s really a tough one. I really can’t think of any offhand. Hmm, maybe the Sirens in Homer’s ‘The Odyssey.’ They certainly swooned a number of men to their deaths. As for TV and movies, I remember when I was young and watching old James Bond movies starring Sean Connery, I thought he was so cool. Then I saw a couple of those movies recently and holy shit! ~ he’s a rapist. No definitely didn’t mean no back in the sixties. Okay, back to the subject at hand. Although I can’t really think of many swoon-worthy literary or acting characters, there are many musicians that I consider swoon-worthy. One that jumps to the front of my mind (mostly because she’s been in the news lately) is Joni Mitchell (see #3 in top 5 favorite things).

What are your thoughts on book covers- in your opinion do they make or break a book?

A book cover is important but I don’t think it will make or break a book ~ the writing will do that. That being said, it’s hard when you’ve just written the next great novel and people keep walking by it because the cover is boring.

How do you come up with character names?  How do you come up with novel titles?

Sometimes names just pop into my head, sometimes I’ll browse my spam mail - those trolls can come up with very creative names ~ I’ll combine the first name of one and the last name of another.

Novel titles can be tough. ‘Spyder’ was a no-brainer but ‘Silent Kill’ and ‘Playing the Hand She’s Dealt’ I had title block. I can’t remember how many titles ‘Silent Kill’ had before I finally decided on that. ‘Playing the Hand She’s Dealt’ came from a friend of mine after I told her about the plot.

During the summer months when the sun is shining and birds are singing, David is perfectly content to sit in his office, with blinds drawn, typing away at the computer. His favorite day of the year is the first day toward the end of summer that’s cool enough to pull a flannel shirt from the closet.

As a student at the University of Minnesota, David realized that if he switched his major from journalism to speech, he could graduate that quarter. It was a no-brainer. After 24 years of working in the court system, he walked away to write full time – another no-brainer.

Two Degrees Closer to Hell will be his second collection of short stories. He has also written three other novels.

David is married and lives in Minneapolis.



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