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BLOG TOUR: Macyn's Decision by S.L. Stacker

Macyn’s Decision
Macyn McIntyre # 3
Genre-  Romantic Suspense
By- S.L. Stacker
Publication Date- September 29th 

A wedding day explosion, a family reunited, and a hunt for a killer are only a few of the things Macyn and her husband, Devon, will face after spending several long months being tortured by their nemesis, Frederick. After Macyn and her partners step up their game and form a plan to find the elusive man, it's then that she is faced with the realization the future of her family and loved ones is dependent upon the decision she makes. Will she continue and follow through with their plans to end this man’s life, knowing the reality of failure is a possibility? Or will she make the ultimate sacrifice and give herself willingly in order to ensure the safety of those she loves? The answer awaits in Macyn’s Decision, the final installment in the Macyn McIntyre Series.


Macyn's Decision Excerpt

Macyn watched as Brett ran toward Frederick, firing shot after shot. She knew this wasn’t going to have a positive outcome when Frederick pulled a pistol from his pocket and fired at Brett. It had taken one shot, and her friend had fallen, his body motionless. It was at that moment she made the decision to end this war. The lives lost at the hands of this man were fruitless unless she did something.
Macyn surveyed her surroundings and made mental notes of the locations of her friends, colleagues, and the love of her life. Everyone was still hidden, and she knew it was now or never. She took a deep breath, removed her bulletproof vest, and stepped forward, leaving the protection of her fallen tree.
“Frederick!” she screamed loud enough to get his attention. When he focused on her, Macyn dropped her gun. The sound of it hitting the ground spoke volumes. Frederick now knew she was his and his alone.
It took less than two seconds for his reaction, but it was an eternity for Macyn. She watched as Frederick raised his gun, aimed it at her, and fired. As the bullet exploded upon impact with her body, her husband screamed her name. His voice was full of agony, fear, surprise, and most of all, anger. As she fell slowly to the ground, Macyn turned her head, seeking the vision of her beloved. Finally, she found Devon running toward her, his face full of fear. Their eyes locked, and she could clearly see the tears his eyes held. She mouthed, “I love you.” Macyn broke eye contact with her husband and looked at the lovely yellow spring flowers on the ground in front of her. The beautiful flowers she had always associated with life would forever be associated with death. The beautiful, green forest surrounding her, suddenly void of color, became a vast black canvas.

About the Author

S.L. Stacker is a romantic suspense author and novelist with Booktrope publishing. She has written and published three books in the Macyn McIntyre series. Her current projects include several fiction novels, but her focus is the Sisters of Summit Bay series—to be published in 2015/2016. When she isn’t throwing her readers for a loop and leaving them wanting more, she can be found relaxing and hanging with her husband, children, and dog. You can visit her at

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