Friday, April 29, 2016

REVIEW: Elderberry Croft by Becky Doughty

Elderberry Croft
The Complete Collection
Becky Doughty

We are all broken in some way, shape, or form, and it doesn't matter what shape, size, and religion, and color we are, all we need to heal is someone who cares, listens with a good ear, give us some advise, and remind us that we are never alone, and that God is with us every step of the way. God will help guides us through the good times and the bad as long as we remember to lean on Him for help and support.

This book has really touched my heart and soul. It's a beautiful set of stories that brought on many feelers and has captured a piece of my heart within its pages. 

Willow Goodhope is a down to Earth and remarkable character. She not only opened up the hearts of the other characters in the stories, but opened me up too. This author did a phenomenal job bringing forth these stories and she has a real knack for keeping her audience guessing and hypnotized in each page I turned. I absolutely love this bunch of stories and I can't say which one I love more because I loved them each the same. I highly recommend this heartfelt series to all to enjoy and remember for years to come, not matter what genre is your favorite. This series will change your mind about reading the Adult Christian Genre.

I give this author my five book review and more for her storytelling. Bravo, Ms. Doughty, bravo. This author has brought hope back into my life, just as I was starting to forget that there was hope in the world. I will be forever grateful for these stories. I am hooked to this author's style of writing and I can't wait to venture into more of her Christian writing.

Sometimes we have to be reminded that there is hope, love, and Jesus Christ in our lives, even if its a book that reminds us of this. -Jenny Bynum

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  1. Jenny - What a lovely, lovely review. I'm so glad you came away from Willow's story with HOPE! I wrote this out of a difficult time in my own life, and while processing through Willow's journey, I, too, rediscovered hope, even in the shadows along the way. Nothing gives me more pleasure as an author than to hear that readers relate.

    So thank you - you made my day!



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