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EXCERPT: A Vampire's Saving Embrace by Darlene Kuncytes

A Vampire's Saving Embrace
Supernatural Desire #1
Darlene Kuncytes

Desmond nodded curtly, his eyes still fixed on Abby - and Marcus couldn’t help but notice her cheeks flush as her eyes met his brothers- which only caused his smile to widen. By the look of things when he had walked into the room, the two were getting quite close.
“And you haven’t run screaming from the house?” Marcus asked, his mouth set in a grin much like his brothers - but one that didn’t leave her short of breath as Desmond’s did. Marcus was extremely handsome, but he definitely was not Desmond. She didn’t feel that magnetic pull that she felt when she was near his brother, and she frowned slightly as the thought that her theory that his effect on her was just a vampire thing was completely blown out of the water. No, it was definitely just Desmond who did that to her.
“I haven’t felt the need to as of yet,” she said as sweetly as possible, “but the night is still young.”
Marcus burst out laughing. “Yes, I can see how you would feel like that. My brother can be quite the dark and brooding sort – he’s a real joy to be around; believe me. I swear- he gives even the scariest of trolls’ nightmares.”
“Good Lord,” Abby replied, groaning over dramatically - only to burst out into a beautiful, light, musical laughter a moment later that caused a tingling to run up Desmond’s spine and he clenched his fists at his sides. Not liking the effect this woman had on him at all. He was a killer for Christ’s sake! Yet whenever he was near her – his body cried out for release. Shit!
“You mean to tell me that there are trolls running around out in the world too? Wow, I just don’t know how much more of this I can take. What’s next, bigfoot?”
“Don’t worry, there aren’t any bigfoot in the area,” Marcus said, returning her laughter whole-heartedly. “And as for the trolls, well, Des has pretty much scared most of the really nasty ones away with his smile and winning personality.”
“Marcus,” Desmond ground out, the playful banter between the two was causing him to feel…what?
He took a deep breath that he didn’t even need and questioned - was he jealous? He angrily pushed the thought from his mind and glared at his brother, “the information please,” he finished, sounding completely exasperated.
“Oh, yes. Sorry. It seems that the demon world is all abuzz with news that the daughter of Obelix does in fact exist, and are stopping at nothing to be the first to…” he glanced at Abby who was listening intently, her brows knit together in concentration. “To be the first to obtain her,” he finished grimly – his look apologetic.
“Shit!” Desmond ground out- fury surging through him. “Marcus, please call Luke and ask him to come to the house. I am going to have need of he and his pack to patrol the grounds, and I would prefer to speak with him in person.”
“Do we really need a pack of mangy…?” Marcus began, but Desmond’s ice cold stare stopped him.
“Now. Please.”
Marcus nodded and turned to look at Abby. He took her hand in his once again and placed a quick kiss on the back of it - his brown eyes twinkling with warmth. “I will hopefully be seeing much more of you Abby,” he said with a grin before turning and leaving the room- leaving his brother to glare at his receding his back. His fists clenching and un-clenching at his sides.
“Who’s Luke?” she questioned.
Desmond turned and looked at Abby, his anger instantly ebbing at the sight of her perfect face. For all that was holy, he silently seethed, one look from her had him melting in a puddle at her feet. What in the hell was wrong with him. He was a monster – not some enamored school boy! Maybe he had just been too long without a woman, he reasoned with a frustrated growl. That had to be It. There was no other reason for his body’s reaction to being near her. It was as if he was a tightly coiled spring that was about to snap.
“He is the Alpha of the nearby wolf pack…and a friend,” he offered, his gaze locking on, as it always seemed to do- and much too often for his own sanity- her lips. A current of awareness ran up his spine at the memory of that soft mouth beneath his, and of the unbelievable taste of her. My God, she tasted of spring, fresh and sweet – and he wanted nothing more at that moment than to taste her again - but he fought the urge with every ounce of will-power that he possessed.
“Wolf-pack?” she questioned softly, her eyes growing wide. “As in, …Werewolves?”
“Wow, I really have been living in a bubble, haven’t I?” She joked, her hand nervously twisting her ring as she tried to absorb this new tid-bit of information. But as hard as she tried – her mind kept going back to Desmond’s mouth on hers and she shivered slightly.
“Most humans do.”





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