Monday, September 26, 2016

REVIEW: Broken Slave by Savannah Hill

Broken Slave
Savannah Hill

A fire raging in the blood... 

**This story can be read as a standalone** 

A hard-working, small-town waitress, Macy has never desired a man as intensely as the one who just walked into her bar. But this captivating stranger is not just any man. He's not, in fact, even human. 

A member of the bloodling race, his name is Nathan—but once he was called “Britton.” From an early age he was the abused slave-pet of a cruel child of privilege, forced to do his mistress’ evil bidding against those of his own kind. For years violence, depravity, and submission were all he knew, thanks to the human monster who corrupted his soul. But ultimately he broke free. 

For the first time in a life filled with shadows, Nathan understands the pure power of this emotion called love. And though Macy fears the volatile world he inhabits, she is helpless to resist him. But now the sins of Nathan’s past are returning with a vengeance…and his enemies are back for blood. 

Editorial Reviews: 
The second book of Savannah Hill’s sensational Bound in Bloodlust series, Broken Slave returns readers to a realm of darkness and desire where humans hold sway over a benign race of vampire “bloodlings.” Taking paranormal romance to new heights of breathtaking sensuality, Hill joins Kelley Armstrong, J.R. Ward, Nalini Singh, and other masters of the genre as she brings the alternate world she created in Unchained Love into even sharper focus. A story of obsession, redemption, and erotic dreams, Hill spins the enthralling tale of a small town bar waitress whose destiny is to be forever joined with a magnificent male bloodling damaged by years of cruelty and forced to perform terrible acts, and of the passion that saves them both. 

Sexy, seductive, and oh so yummy!! The characters were phenomenal and the book was very hard to put down. It kept my interest at the turn of every page. I really enjoyed the story-line, though I wish that the author would have elaborated on what exactly a Bloodling was, but I have decided that maybe the first book would tell me a bit more and I will have to get it and read it to find out. I absolutely loved Macy and how she and Nathan connected right away. I also loved how the author brought forth a shocking revelation about Macy as I read more of this book. Nathan was so sexy and it seeped from him. Women drooled over him and he only had eyes for one. I must say this story is a cold shower worthy story and one I highly recommend to all Erotica lovers.

The author provided me with a digital ARC copy of the book for review purposes only. No remuneration was exchanged.

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