Monday, September 26, 2016

REVIEW: The Dreams Series by Tracy Millosovich

Crystal Dreams
The Dreams Series #1
Tracy Millosovich

Humans, once the universe's greatest race, but now left to wither on a dying Earth, become desperate for more resources as everything runs out. Humans will do anything to get ahead. Tartan, the newborn twin planet of Earth with its luscious resources, has everything the humans want, but the magical people of myths and legends on Tartan won't give up their world to the greedy humans easily.

King (Mita) Thomas and his wife, Queen (Mifa) Tara Rosa, have ruled Tartan for four peaceful centuries until the human armies ascended. Desperate to save her people, Mifa Tara Rosa sacrificed herself to save her people. With his wife gone and filled with grief, Thomas jumps through time with his trusted general to find her reincarnation, a human on Earth.

Human Crystal Rose is quite taken by the stranger who shows up in her home. Convinced to join the war she wanted nothing of, she agreed to train, and fight beside Thomas as his queen. But he has other plans for his beloved’s reincarnation, and she's not too sure about fighting in a war against humanity; her own race.

With the human armies determined to steal his world and overthrow his kingdom, Thomas will have to choose between the queen he loved, the planet he vowed to protect, and human he's falling for. When the universe collides and two worlds go to one bloody war, what will the heroes choose to protect? In this war between hell and hate, whose side are you on?

In this original young adult fantasy romance, Crystal Dreams is book one of the kick-butt, action packed Dreams Series that will test your faith in humanity, and in magic.

When I first started to read this book, I was totally lost about what was going on and for the first eight chapters, I was completely confused and almost thought that I couldn't finish the book, but I decided to keep going and see where this story would take me and see if it would clear a few questions up that I had.....And it did. All the pieces started to come together and my questions were being answered. I really started to enjoy the story. The characters were wonderful and the story-line was phenomenal and was well written for this author's debut story that I highly recommend it. I am also extremely excited about where this author will takes us in the next book.

Killer Dreams
The Dreams Series #2
Tracy Millosovich

After surviving a war between Earth and Tartan, the royal family tries to start over on a new planet. But the terrain is treacherous and the kingdom is in unrest with the threat of revolt high in the air, but adding to the misery, the royal princess of the new world has been kidnapped!

In a time of civil discord with the threat of upheaval high, Crystal must either find a way to unite her kingdom, or abdicate the throne, while she is in hot pursuit of the lost princess.

Where do you turn when your own race rejects you, and the world you've sworn to protect is now trying to kill you?

Continue the adventure with Crystal, King Thomas, and Jason as they begin a new battle in an unfamiliar world.

Welcome to Killer Dreams!

WOW....I absolutely loved this book!! So much action and suspense in this story. I was hooked from beginning to end. I still loved the characters and the story-line blew my mind and is by far my favorite of the two stories. Crystal has become a very strong character in the story. There is more of her revealed to us and she has come into her powers as the story unfolds and its just magnificent. There are many twists and turns that happen that kept me from putting the book down because I just HAD to know what would happen next. This author did a fantastic job bringing this book to life!! It's a gripping story that I highly recommend and I just can't wait to read the next part of this adventure.  

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