Monday, October 3, 2016

REVIEW: Lucas Ryan Versus: The Return by Madison Daniel

Lucas Ryan Versus
The Return
Madison Daniel

Another day in the life of the world’s newest hero. 
Online games. Textbooks. Progress reports. Homecoming. Girlfriends. Mysteries. Dark matter. Dragons. Supernatural abilities. 

The end of days. 

Lucas Ryan finds himself dealing with the fallout from his first adventure. Stopping an otherworldly force and keeping his friends safe has taken its toll on him emotionally. Past mistakes will haunt him. Amazing new abilities will test him. An unbelievable task awaits him. 

Save the world…again. 

Lucas Ryan is at it again to save not only his school, but the world.....

WOW.....Once again, this author has grabbed my attention and kept me on the edge of my seat for this epic adventure. I was amazed and completely fascinated by this adventure of the world of Lucas Ryan. I was completely hooked!! I even go as far to say that this is my favorite story of the two so far. This was a magnificent roller coaster ride that kept on going from beginning to end. The end was especially remarkable and I sure didn't see it coming either. The characters were still phenomenal and loved the new nemesis in this story. I loved all the shocking twists and turns throughout this book. This author did a bang up job keeping turning the pages until I reached the end. I actually felt as if I was part of the story and that I could see a movie in my head as I read. The attention to very minute detail, intrigued and surprised me and at most times leaving me in awe. I highly recommend this story to all readers to enjoy!!



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