Sunday, November 20, 2016

REVIEW: Goldie Locks Her Bear by Mackenzie Raye

Goldie Locks Her Bear
Mackenzie Raye 

Goldie’s trek through a small Southern town is halted when she spots a little black dress hanging in a display window. 

After being saved by a sexy stranger from an encounter with the local sheriff, she finds herself repaying the kindness with a lunch date. 

Sparks fly, and the simple lunch date turns into an overnight rendezvous. 

Sex with no strings attached happens, but walking away might not be as easy as they expected.

Sultry, sexy, and oh so delicious. This is a sexy rendition on a classic story with an awesome twist. This isn't the kind of story you grew up reading, but oh so good for adults who love erotica. The characters are amazing and ones I surely won't forget and the story-line sucked me in from beginning to end. It's a cold shower worthy story!!

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